WATCH: World Leader Demands ALL Women Do THIS To Eliminate Islamophobia!

It should not come as any surprise that one proposed solution the mis-named or imaginary problem of “Islamophobia” would be ridiculous or offensive. Or both. And it is.

The only thing good that we can say about the alleged solution is that it is not being imposed as law in the U.S., yet. Although don’t think that some nitwit public officeholders won’t think about implementing it here.

According to the president of Austria, the solution to Islamophobia is to require all women to wear the Islamic Hijab. And he thinks big. He wants this rule applied worldwide.

Watch his interview below:

What do we know about Austria and its president other than he just proved himself unfit to govern? “Austria has had its struggles with Islamism. In reaction, the country has toyed with the idea of banning the full-faced veil, not unlike France’s failed attempt to ban the burkini.”

And its president? “Van der Bellen is an ex-socialist and green party member who became an independent. Kind of like leftists in this country who claim to be ‘independent’ when their every position is slightly to the left of Joseph Stalin.”

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The fact that this man can make the following proposal with a straight face should give every one pause: “If this continues … with the Islamophobia actually spreading, the day will come when we must ask all women to wear a headscarf – All – from solidarity to those who do it for religious reasons.”

If that isn’t ridiculous and offensive just taken at face value, it completely ignores a conflict it creates that Van der Bellen, as a leftist, should be well aware of. How does he plan to reconcile his proposal that all women be required to wear a full-faced veil with the feminists who are solid members of the left? The last time we checked, sexually, culturally, and morally liberated women were not big on dress codes – especially from men who don’t believe women should be allowed to vote or drive.

But the feminists are not the issue here.What is the issue is a completely unworkable idea that is culturally offensive in the extreme.

The sane idea would be for immigrants to acknowledge when they are allowed into another country, they assimilate into that culture and look to be part of that nation. You do not arrive and in a fit of self-righteousness demand that everyone else change to suit your personal beliefs.

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If you are that insistent in living out the culture of your home country, either stay there or find another place with a similar culture. It’s just that simple.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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