Welfare Rat Rubs In Our Faces That She Doesn’t Have To Get Off Of Disability And Find A Job

It would be nice to think that government assistance programs would funnel money only to those deserving, or who at least meet the standard to qualify for help. It would be even nicer if those recipients used those funds wisely. In the real world, this simply is not the case. It’s not that there aren’t truly needy people being helped. The problem is that much of the funds are wasted, misappropriated, or misused.

Our welfare and other assistance programs create some perverse results, especially when taken together. One would like to think that assistance is provided only when needed, and that there would be encouragements within these programs to get people on their own feet and self-supporting. When going to work means a cut in income, something is wrong. And it’s no surprise that in such cases, many chose to remain out of the workforce, claiming that they “cannot afford to go to work.”

We’ve been subjected to an especially egregious example of this. A woman receiving disability for depression created a video explaining that she will not look for work since it would mean a reduction in income. While she might not realize it, she just suggested that she could go to work if she wished to. She compounded this by relating that she used government assistance funds to buy lobster – for her dog – all while making sport of the grocery cashier who has to work for her money. What’s wrong with this? Everything.

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“As can be seen in the footage, the smug brat brags about being on the system. Not only does she get food stamps but she’s on disability for her chronic ‘depression,’ which apparently makes it impossible to work. Given her attitude in this clip, I’d say it’s a stretch because she’s more than happy to smile and laugh as she mock’s the U.S. taxpayer.

“Of course, her disgusting attitude is more than enough to tick off everyday people, but that’s not the worst part of it all. Sending many people over the edge, the woman documented herself going to the store, buying a $14 lobster tail with her EBT card, and then feeding it to her dog.”

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To take such an attitude is bad enough, but to make and distribute a video glorifying that attitude, and treating with derision those hard-working people who pay the taxes to support her goes way over the edge.

Here’s part of her rant.

“‘This is my Coach keychains,’ she says as she pulls a set of keys out of her purse. ‘These three keychains here, they cost more than those minimum wage people’s f***ing car payment.’

“Laughing, she adds, ‘Well actually, most of them don’t even have f***ing cars, they’re using f***ing public transportation!’

“The woman then mentions that she’s on social security for depression.

“‘I’m on social security for depression,’ she says. ‘Depression is a disability. So if you’re too depressed to work full-time, apply for social security.’

“Concluding the video, she says, ‘So, this is what the minimum wage people will pay for is for me to give lobster to my f***ing dog and make a YouTube video about it mocking them.’ [Source: The Blaze]”

Mental health conditions, if serious enough, can be disabling according to the Social Security Administration. But the law is not the issue here. The point of contention is this woman’s disgusting behavior, including mocking those who pay the taxes that support her.

Here’s her video.

“In all, she showed three Coach (the luxury purse company) key chains that she had in her possession that could range anywhere between $50 to $150 a piece. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also whipped out not one but two smartphones – but there was a catch with this one.

“Come to find out, she paid for one herself while the other one was given to her by the government – an Obamaphone. Sadly, pointing out the unnecessary phone wasn’t enough for this woman. In fact, she then went on to mock the same cashier for having a simple flip phone as that was all they were able to afford, even though they work for a living and she doesn’t.”

It’s impossible to determine how depressed this woman is, but this story is enough to depress and infuriate working Americans. We have a woman who is clearly abusing the system. She has probably figured out that requirements that one work in order to get food stamps typically don’t apply to those who have been judged unable to work. Hence we have the disability claim enabling her to buy lobster for her dog.

Arrogance. Ingratitude. Misuse of public assistance funds. All of these and more. Can nothing be done to “Make This Woman Work Again?”

Source: Mad World News

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