INSPIRING: VP Mike Pence STUNNED America At Super Bowl…You Won’t Believe Who He Invited To The Game! [WATCH]

It seems the better we get to know Vice-President Pence, the more appealing he becomes. There’s a quiet, classiness about both Mr. and Mrs. Pence. It’s clear the vice-president will serve the nation with honor and distinction. President Trump made an excellent choice.

The men are different enough that they complement each other nicely. And Mr. Pence’s experience on the Hill and in working with legislators will be a real asset to the president as he works to move forward his legislative agenda. Expect to see Vice-President Pence working somewhat behind the scenes to make things happen in Congress.

One measure of a person’s character is how he or she treats those who might not be as fortunate to hold prestigious positions. The Clintons were terrible at this. Bill Clinton commented how he “loathed” the military, and Hillary had a reputation for being just spiteful and condescending to those not only in the military, but also those in the Secret Service who were responsible to protect her. In stark contrast, the Pences are respectful and dignified. And their concern for our service men and women was just demonstrated over the Super Bowl weekend.

These two service men got the ride of their lives in Air Force Two as well as the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl as, “The vice president and his wife invited Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony Mannino, Jr., who received wounds in Iraq in 2008, and Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning, who was wounded in Afghanistan just last year, according to The Hill newspaper.”

Here is the happy group:

The Clintons and Barack Obama loved to surround themselves with Hollywood celebrities. One can hardly imagine Hillary Clinton spending time with those who serve our nation in uniform unless it is for a campaign photo-op. Vice-President Pence, in contrast, just took two wounded servicemen with him and his wife to the Super Bowl.

Well, one guest was probably a bit happy with the result of the game than the other. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful gesture by the vice-president – and one that two happy servicemen will never forget.

Well done, Mr. Pence.

Source: Breitbart

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