NEWS FLASH: Vice President Mike Pence Just SURPRISED America…No One Expected Him HERE Today!

Mr. Trump’s presidency has already been remarkable and it’s just a week old. For one thing, how often does someone go directly to the presidency without ever holding any previous political office? In so doing, he brushed aside the Clinton political machine, sending Hillary spiraling down into retirement from seeking national office. That, alone, is astonishing in and of itself.

Those are just some highlights of what has been accomplished so far. Even in the first week Mr. Trump has gone to work on trade deals, the border wall, reducing regulations, and has held a remarkably productive meeting with organized labor leaders which they enthusiastically endorse. It’s becoming abundantly clear that Mr. Trump, in spite of his incredible wealth, really does identify with and appreciate those of modest means who make up the bulk and backbone of this country.

It’s clear that there will be many positive firsts in his presidency, as Donald Trump brings his own brand of leadership style to the Oval Office. But it’s not just Mr. Trump who will set new precedents. Expect the same from Mike Pence as well. In fact, expect one from him very soon.

As a background to what Mr. Pence is about to do, recall that, “For the 44th time since Roe v. Wade made abortions a federally protected right, pro-life activists will gather on the National Mall for the annual March for Life.”

The mainstream media, true to its liberal agenda, has given little coverage to these annual events. They certainly do not wish to be seen as being in any way supportive of the pro-life agenda. This year’s coverage will likely be different for a number of reasons: “First, Trump advisor — and the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign — Kellyanne Conway announced that she planned to attend the event.”

But the big news is who else will not only attend, but speak at this event. It was clear that history was in the making when we learned that, “Vice President Mike Pence had accepted the invitation to speak at the March for Life, making him the first sitting VP ever to do so.”

This combination of factors is going to make it very difficult for the media to ignore this year’s March for Life.

It is long past time that the few high-powered moguls who control all the mainstream media outlets learn that they are not going to succeed in using the networks and publications they control to set a national agenda according to their own liberal doctrine.

The Obama and Clinton nightmares are over for the nation. And with them go the major media’s priority access to the presidency. They may now get in line with everyone else. It’s a humbling experience they richly deserve.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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