President Trump Unleashes 1 Plan That Would End Sanctuary Cities Overnight

The liberals would like to believe that some of the shake up in the White House staff is indicative of a president who has lost control. The demise of the Trump administration has been greatly exaggerated, and its difficulties overemphasized in order to create a picture the left and its allies in the mainstream media want to portray.

There have been some bumpy times. Perhaps the president should have spent less time reaching out to more mainstream Republicans such as Priebus and stuck with his gut beliefs by hiring people who were solidly in his court, believed in his agenda, and could be counted on to faithfully and competently pursue it without the president having a second thought about issues of loyalty.

In spite of the friction that has existed between the president and Attorney General Sessions over Mr. Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from matters relating to the alleged Russia scandal, Sessions is solidly pursing the Trump agenda with regard to immigration policy as well as other law enforcement issues. In fact, he is getting ready to pull the plug on funding for sanctuary cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. This is really upsetting the liberals which is always a good sign.

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“The Department of Justice announced last week that sanctuary jurisdictions will lose access to certain federal law enforcement grants in 2017 if they prohibit officials from communicating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, if they block ICE from interviewing jail inmates, or if they fail to notify ICE of the pending release of criminal aliens ICE is seeking to deport.

“These particular grants, known as the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, are the largest source of federal criminal justice funds for state, local, and tribal authorities.

“This move is helping fulfill one early promise of the Trump administration: to impose consequences on the most egregious of the more than 300 sanctuary jurisdictions.”

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Sessions is quite aware that there is no better way to get the attention of liberal politicians than to cut off their funds that they use to buy votes with lavish welfare programs. Take away the left’s money, and the movement collapses as it has no reasonable or even workable philosophical basis for its existence. Put more bluntly,the left exists because of its ability to buy votes using government funded benefits and by pursuing identity politics. Not a very admirable basis for a political movement.

“Under the new rules announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, these four top grant-getters (New York City; Cook County, Illinois; Los Angeles; and Philadelphia) are likely to be disqualified from these grants in the future if they maintain their current policies toward ICE.

“These cities received more than $10 million in grants in 2016.”

Of course, $10 million spread over these four jurisdictions is not a lot of money. More than that is probably passed around under the table on a slow week. Nevertheless, it will get their attention.

“Ten sanctuaries are already at risk of debarment based on an initiative launched last year by Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that controls the Justice Department’s budget.

“Last year, the department notified 10 of the worst sanctuaries that their Justice Department law enforcement grants could be pulled if they did not come into compliance with the federal law prohibiting sanctuary policies.

“The jurisdictions are California; Connecticut; Cook County, Illinois; Chicago; Milwaukee County; New York City; New Orleans; Philadelphia; Miami-Dade County, Florida; and Las Vegas.”

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At least one jurisdiction saw the light and decided to wise up and flight right: “A few months later, Miami-Dade County reversed its sanctuary policy and began cooperating fully with ICE.” Good for them. Sounds like a great place to reward with some extra tourism this winter.

While being advocates for states’ rights, it remains a fact of law that the federal government is responsible for enforcing the federal laws pertaining to immigration. States and local jurisdictions have no right to impede, obstruct, or refuse cooperation with such federal law enforcement activities.

If we are not going to take state and local leaders and arrest them for obstruction of justice, we can at least make sure they don’t financially profit from their rebellion. Mr. Sessions is in the process of doing just that. And it’s way past time to do so.

Source: Daily Signal

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