President Trump Stunned To Learn Transgenders Just Might Get Away With Suing Him For 1 Reason

A portion of this nation is possessed by some of the most idiotic propositions to afflict a people. We’re going to spend our time deciding whether the boys can go in the girls’ restroom or locker room at school, and vice versa. At one time this was grounds for at least suspension from school. Now prohibiting this practice is grounds for a lawsuit against the school.

To be fair, it is only boys who believe they are girls, or girls who believe they are boys who are entitled to chose a restroom or locker room different from their obvious sex. Even if you buy that idiocy, how do you prove the difference between those who truly believe they are of a different gender as opposed to a guy with the very normal desire to check out the coeds as they shower? And what about the privacy and dignity of the middle-school girls who are forced to experience the male physique up close and personal?

So in the spirit of this lunacy, a group supporting transgenders is suing the Trump administration for information relative to his reversal of an Obama policy that permitted such behavior. Not only that, this group is sending out messages on Twitter offering to help transgendered students who are prohibited from using the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

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“Lambda Legal filed a complaint with the New York District Court on Wednesday alleging that the Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by failing to provide them with information they had asked for five months previously. Lambda Legal had requested documents explaining why the Trump administration had repealed the Title IX regulations in February that had been put in place by former president Obama.”

That was just Mr. Obama proceeding down the well-trodden path established by Mr. Clinton of never passing up the opportunity to advance the sexual revolution, regardless of location. At least Mr. Obama didn’t have people disrobe in the Oval Office as far as we know.

Here’s where things can get really nasty. Check out Lambda Legal’s Tweet:

They want to help students “use the right bathroom.” What do you even say to such a statement?

But there’s more:

“‘These transgender students, along with younger transgender children, experience alarming rates of harassment, bullying, and discrimination in their schools, which often goes unaddressed by school administrators. Many are denied access to sex-segregated facilities, such as school restrooms and locker rooms, in accordance with their gender identities,’ Lambda Legal wrote in its complaint.”

This is called sexual anarchy, and an invitation to sexual harassment on a level never before experienced.

And what teacher in their right mind would want to be responsible for supervising a restroom or locker room shower filled with mixed-sex underage students?

And Lamda is still not finished.

“The outcome of the suit remains uncertain, but Lambda Legal says it will persist in filing lawsuits to help transgender students use the bathroom of their choice.”

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What is needed is a judge to look the plaintiffs in the eye, ask them, “Are you nuts?” And bang the gavel dismissing such cases.

Source: Daily Caller

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