Trump To Fire James Comey? Is This Judas Finally Getting What He Deserves?

Hillary Clinton is a free person today largely because the James Comey, the director of the FBI, refused to pursue the case he had against her. It’s just that simple.

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When looking for reasons for Hillary to go to trial, the problem is not finding reasons, the problem is choosing a place to begin among so many offenses. This is a politician who has built her career and wealth on corrupt practices. In pursuing Hillary, it would be more like prosecuting a member of a crime syndicate than an alleged public servant.

In a recent interview President Trump acknowledged Comey’s part in letting Hillary off the hook. He also offered an explanation as to why he had not fired Comey, although that explanation might not be the one his supporters wanted to hear. However, what was an encouragement was statement that it was “not too late” to fire him.

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There are many reasons to question the integrity of Mr. Comey. There’s the obviously political decision not to charge Hillary for her numerous crimes. He also allowed intelligence to be gathered on the Trump team to be during the time running up to his inauguration. So why is he still director of the FBI?

President Trump has clearly stated that he’s aware of what Comey has done. In an interview with Fox News, Trump said that “director Comey was very, very good to Hillary Clinton, that I can tell you. If he weren’t, she would be right now, going to trial.”

The clincher, though, came in Trump’s response to Fox’s Maria Bartiromo question, “was it a mistake not to ask Jim Comey to step down from the FBI at the outset of your presidency. Is it too late now to ask him to step down?” That response was, “No, it’s not too late.”

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It’s good to hear the president state that “it’s not too late” to fire Comey. The only thing we would add is that it is also not too soon. Mr. Comey’s official conduct far too closely mimics the attitude Mrs. Clinton has toward the mix of politics and law enforcement. And that should be a disqualifying factor for the director of the FBI.

Source: Mad World News

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