Trump Invites Jaw-Dropping Guests To Tonight’s Speech…Democrats Are TICKED!

Tonight is President Trump’s first joint session speech to Congress, in lieu of a State of the Union. It is typical of most new presidents to forgo the January speech, as they took the Oath of Office in late-January.

Although we are prepared to hear a typical State of the Union-type speech, with conversations leaning toward the budget, defense, and Obamacare, expect to hear a lot about illegal immigration.

With Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren quoted as saying that she is bringing an illegal immigrant as her guest for the evening, President Trump and the First Lady have surprise guests of their own.

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They have invited three families, all of whom have lost a loved one due to an illegal immigrant’s heinous crime.

From Conservative Tribune:

Whereas Democrats have reportedly invited illegal immigrants to sit with them at President Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday night to a joint session of Congress, the president and his wife, Melania, have opted for another route.

As reported by CNN, the couple has invited the families of three American citizens murdered by illegal immigrants to sit beside Melania as her husband speaks.

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Two of the guests, Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver, are widows of a detective and a sheriff’s deputy who were killed by an illegal immigrant during a shooting and car-jacking rampage three years ago. The suspect, who was deported twice but sneaked back in each time, was awaiting trial in California…

The last of the three guests, Jamiel Shaw Sr., lost his 17-year-old son nine years ago to an illegal immigrant murderer. Shaw was a staunch supporter of Trump during the presidential election and even spoke during the Republican National Convention last summer.

The sharp contrast between the Democrats’ guests and the Trumps’ guests is quite remarkable. Democrats want to honor illegal immigrants, all of whom are criminals by default, whereas the Trumps are honoring the deceased victims of illegal immigrant criminals.

This should not only be a clear signal to the Democrats that illegal immigration will no longer be tolerated in the United States, but all illegal aliens currently living in America should wake up and self-deport. With the extra man-power President Trump has extended to ICE, we should hopefully be able to handle the immigration problem in a short amount of time.

Mexico, get ready for a return of your people!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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