AMERICA FIRST: Trump Scores GARGANTUAN Immigration Victory…Illegals RAGE Against The President!

Allowing illegal aliens to stream into the country unchecked might have been a good policy for creating future Democratic voters, but it represents dereliction of responsibility on the part of those who have permitted this outrage.

Just because you managed to get elected president on a liberal platform does not give you the right to selectively enforce the laws and just ignore ones you do not like. Hence, Mr. Obama, by choice, failed in his responsibility to enforce the nation’s laws.

President Trump ran on a platform of enforcing the immigration laws. That this was considered a revolutionary idea shows how ridiculous things have become. That some Democratic officeholders are working to thwart the enforcement of federal immigration statutes and to protect illegal aliens from deportation is a disgrace. But it’s not one that is going to last much longer.

The Gateway Pundit reports that “U.S. authorities are continuing to crackdown on illegal immigration and are now starting to go after illegals that were protected under President Obama.” He continues, “U.S. authorities have arrested an immigrant from Mexico who was brought to the United States illegally as a child and later given a work permit during the Obama administration in what could be the first detention of its kind under President Donald Trump.”

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The cry of the left is one to aid migrants who came to this country illegally. Where American citizens fit in their hierarchy of priorities is not entirely apparent. But it’s clear that if you are an illegal immigrant, you can count on Democratic politicians to do whatever they can to support you and keep you in the country.

Simply because your parents or whomever chose to bring you to America illegally as a child does not confer on you the right to remain. As a child, such a person should not be responsible for being brought here illegally. However, that same person, as an adult, is responsible for following the laws of the US. And that means going back to your home country and taking the actions necessary to enter and stay in the US legally.

Once again, we see President Trump following through on campaign promises. Just witnessing such a radical thing as keeping your word must send establishment Washington into fits. Good. And, they’d best get used to it.

Source: Mad World News

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