Trey Gowdy Drops Corruption Investigation Bombshell On Washington — FBI Left Shaking In Their Boots

The Democrats might have started the accusations and investigations regarding alleged illegal interactions with Russia by attacking President Trump, but it now looks like it will be the Democrats on the receiving end of the subpoenas and being forced to defend themselves.

It really takes a lot of gall for Democrats to go around making unfounded accusations and at the same time running the most ethically compromised candidate for president in recent history. Hillary Clinton is a walking ethical and legal catastrophe waiting to happen. That she remains unindicted is more a result of extreme power politics than any inherent innocence.

Now it is the Republicans turn to go on the attack, and there are a plethora of avenues to pursue. Congressman Trey Gowdy is leading House investigations of former FBI director Comey, Mr. Obama, and Hillary. One focus will be the Uranium One scandal which has the potential to be huge. A related strain of investigation will focus on a full review of the actions of the FBI during 2016 including questions as to whether Mr. Comey used his position to cover for Hillary. None of the alleged offenses are minor.

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“House Republicans on Tuesday launched new probes into several Obama-era controversies, covering both the Justice Department’s 2016 handling of the Clinton email case and the administration’s 2010 approval for the sale of a mining company that gave the Russians partial control over American uranium reserves.

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., announced his committee and the House Oversight Committee will investigate the so-called Uranium One deal.”

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So we have two House committees hot on the trail of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Comey. Hillary is no doubt used to being the focus of investigations and to being accused of criminal acts. One has to wonder how Mr. Comey is reacting to sharing the spotlight with her in such a way.

“Separately, the House oversight and judiciary committees announced a joint investigation into the Justice Department and FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe.”

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Hillary can protest all she wants that the email scandal is a “big nothing burger,” to use a phrase she has employed, perhaps in an attempt to sound cute. Yet she was never cleared of wrongdoing. Mr. Comey chose to criticize her actions, but not to recommend that charges be filed. Then there was the peculiar on-again, off-again nature of Comey’s investigations of Hillary. Clearly, something extraordinary was going on.

It would be desirable to have answers to all of these questions. For one thing, it is quite possible that Hillary’s apparent ability to avoid being called to account for her actions might have emboldened her to push things even further. After all, if one is convinced one will not be held accountable, behavior can turn very ugly.

As depressing as it might be to recognize, we as a nation are approaching 40 years of accusations of corruption against both Bill and Hillary. It is far past time for the truth to be revealed.

Source: Fox News

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