Thousands Of Felonies Are Committed Each Day In Washington — Guess Who’s Behind It All?

Big business often gets blamed, especially by the left, for being a culprit or predator that that preys on innocent citizens.

And there is some truth to this.

There are crooked businesses because there are crooked people. Oftentimes they get caught, but sometimes they seem to get away with unethical or illegal behavior.

But there’s a much bigger point to be made here:

Every negative attribute that can be attached to private businesses can also be attached to government entities, only worse.

In other words, federal bureaucracies can just as easily be filled with criminals who cut illegal deals with private businesses using the enormous resources of the federal government.

So not only do federal bureaucrats commit untold numbers of felonies per day, but they also involve businesses in their schemes.

From The Daily Caller:

“Bureaucracies have successfully evaded congressional budget oversight for years by illegally hiring contract labor to take the place of employees, according to a Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) report released Tuesday.

Bureaucracies commit thousands of felonies a day, misappropriating funds not approved by Congress and expanding agency influence at a time when government agencies should cut back.

Bureaucracies freeze hiring new employees, ideally to stop expansion and cut costs, when under pressure to reform or adapt to budget cuts.

Many agencies continue to grow despite budget cutbacks, however, by illegally hiring outside contract labor.

‘While contracting for these services is contrary to the law, this practice has become so ubiquitous in government that it passes without notice,’ the CEI report’s author Robert Hanrahan wrote.”

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Think about that. Federal bureaucracies commit “thousands of felonies a day.”

If true, shouldn’t we see thousands of federal employees hauled off to jail most every day? But somehow they get away with it, obviously.

Note the agency used to illustrate this point:

“Hanrahan points out his first hand experience working for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

“‘The NNSA … has no authorization to use program funds for support service contractors, and is under a cap on federal staff explicitly intended to reduce transactional oversight,’ Hanrahan’s report states.

‘Yet, within the NNSA, over $100 million per year are redirected from programs to hire support contractors just in the Washington D.C. area.’

‘When the prohibition is flouted, the benefits accrue mostly to the Washington, D.C. region,’ Hanrahan wrote.”

For all their protestations about the corruption in private businesses, it would be interesting to know how much of that is inspired by or funded by federal government corruption.

Furthermore, it sounds like one way to make a pile of money is to move to the D.C. area, get yourself established as some sort of government consultant, and sit back and collect the cash.

So where are the massive investigations into government fraud and malfeasance?

Source: Daily Caller

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