You Won’t Believe What We Just Discovered! The IRS Is Targeting…

In the past and especially during the Obama administration, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been accused of being a political tool of the federal government for the purpose of punishing certain groups that opposed dictatorial policies that leftist Democrats favored.

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The IRS was basically used as a hammer to silence conservatives and Tea party members who criticized President Obama’s leftist agenda. They would target by revoking the tax exempt status of those non-profit organizations.

With President Trump at the helm, you would think that the IRS would have ended their shenanigans, but unfortunately, they haven’t. 

From Conservative Tribune:

The IRS policy that was used to justify the infamous targeting of conservatives and tea party organizations seeking tax-exemption status during the 2010 and 2012 election campaigns is still in place, watchdog group Cause of Action Institute reported via The Daily Caller.

Apparently the extremely biased targeting was enforcing policy, not disobeying it.

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As The New American reported, “The IRS handbook asks employees to halt tax-exempt applications that are ‘likely to attract media or congressional attention’ and prepare ‘sensitive case reports’ for their supervisors if a case falls into several categories, including those that are deemed ‘newsworthy, or that have the potential to become newsworthy.’”

As if today’s media couldn’t make anything “news.” CNN spent time this week discussing whether or not President Donald Trump is afraid of stairs — seriously.

Under these conditions, it hardly seems fair to penalize someone for showing the potential to make the news.

“Targeting was — and is — IRS policy, not a violation of it,” the report said, according to The Daily Caller, noting that the policy was still in place. “As a result, American taxpayers are at risk for similar treatment in the future.”

Giving employees the directive to halt tax-exempt applications for organizations that are likely to attract attention could definitely lead to mischief. It politicizes the entire process, because government employees don’t operate from the standpoint of godlike objectivity. It’s too easy to make a policy work against someone they don’t agree with, while overlooking people they like.

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Using the IRS as a weapon to silence groups or organizations who threaten the status quo by speaking out is akin to assassinating whistleblowers because of the threat they pose to the careers of high profile politicians.

That’s why the IRS needs to go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct! Maybe the president will put that on his list of things to do. There’s a lot of Americans who would love to get on that bandwagon, for sure!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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