Texas Sheriff Has Some Bad News To Give To Illegal Immigrant Loving Liberals About Their Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities, otherwise known as incubators for future Democratic voters, exist to fulfill that mission by obstructing federal law enforcement agents. They shield illegal aliens from deportment. And they further guarantee illegals’ loyalty to leftist causes with welfare benefits.

This effort to generate votes for the Democrats is even worse than just described. These sanctuary cities and the benefits they are offer are no secret. Hence, they encourage illegal immigration as illegals flock to America with the hope of taking part in those benefits. Thus, what is billed as compassion is not. And it’s disgraceful.

At least one Texas sheriff is not putting up with this nonsense. He has written a hard-hitting op-ed where he excoriates the sanctuary city movement. He points out how they are wrong. And bad for Americans. He’s prepared to crackdown on the those in his state. Not only that, he points out that that the “sanctuary city crackdown [is] to go nationwide.”

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“In a new op-ed for The Hill, Texas Sheriff Andy Louderback outlines the many reasons which sanctuary cities are a terrible idea, for both American citizens, legal immigrants, and those who invade our borders illegally. According to Fox News, the sheriff wants Texas’ ‘sanctuary city crackdown to go nationwide.’

“‘State and local governments cooperate with federal law enforcement officials in every area except for immigration,’ writes Louderback. ‘Today when it comes to immigration enforcement hundreds of communities across the nation have prohibited information sharing between local police and Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE), a clear break from what Congress intended in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996,’ he explains.”

Here’s the law in question: “‘The IIRIA specifically states that a federal, state or local government entity may not prohibit another government entity from sending or receiving information about an individual’s immigration status,’ adds the sheriff.”

So the liberals running these sanctuary cities poke their thumbs in the eyes of the law and those who would enforce it. But what they do has an even more nefarious effect. “‘Sanctuary policies create a neon welcome sign for illegal aliens,’ he writes.”

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What the liberals are doing is hanging out a welcome sign to those who would be illegal aliens. But Sheriff Louderback has the solution.

“‘But laws like Texas’ anti-sanctuary city law S.B. 4 turn that light off. This law should be a model for other jurisdictions across the country when it comes to cracking down on sanctuary policies and boosting the relationships between state, local and federal law enforcement officials,’ he adds.”

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When the rule of law is ignored or weakened, the society is on its way to collapse. Sanctuary cities must be outlawed as they stand in violation of federal law.

If the Democrats want to build their party, they need to convince citizens that their policies and platform are right for America. That said, we understand that convincing people to accept such falsehoods is a problem. Yet circumventing the hard work of political persuasion by illegally importing future liberal voters is a short cut they must not be allowed to employ.

Source: Mad World News

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