Look Who’s Been Hauled In To Testify Before House Intelligence Committee, Trey Gowdy Ready To Take Her Down

Former national security adviser Susan Rice is not the only former member of the Obama administration who might be in possession of some incriminating information on other members of that late and unlamented administration. Her job certainly put her in the position to have access to the most sensitive of classified intelligence, a position where trust is of the utmost concern.

So it comes as little surprise that Congressional committees want to hear from her regarding any possible improprieties committed by Obama administration officials. In particular, questions have been raised over the practice of “unmasking” the names of certain individuals that had been redacted from official documents to protect them. This unmasking was reportedly a very common occurrence during the Obama administration, and the reason why such extraordinary requests were made is of great interest.

As a result, Susan Rice has been meeting in private with the House Intelligence Committee to answer questions about her involvement in this potential scandal. Her cause is not helped by earlier comments that she had nothing to do with unmasking, which she changed to remarks stating that she never leaked any information gained from unmasking to anyone. Why the change in her story?

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“Rice was expected to face questions in closed session about Russia and the unmasking controversy. The sit-down comes after she attended a similar private session in July with staffers on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Some lawmakers have made clear they want to hear more from Obama administration officials, especially Rice, over their potential role in ‘unmasking’ the identities of Trump associates from intelligence reports last year.

“Rice has come under fire for her alleged role. Congressional investigators have issued subpoenas to the NSA, CIA and FBI seeking ‘unmasking’ information related to three individuals: Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.”

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She certainly has some friends in high places with similar questions to answer. What will be interesting to learn is if their stories are all consistent with each other. In any event, Rice’s changing of her story has not helped her credibility.

“Rice initially told PBS’ Judy Woodruff in March that she ‘knew nothing’ about the unmasking of Trump associates. But weeks later on MSNBC, she admitted she sometimes sought out the identities of Trump associates who communicated with foreigners, a request known as ‘unmasking’ in the intelligence community.

“But ‘I leaked nothing to nobody,’ Rice told MSNBC.”

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Ms. Rice can certainly be excused for using lousy grammar, but making that significant of a change in her story might point to something that is not so easily passed over. In other words, was she working in concert with others to use classified information to the detriment of Mr. Obama’s political opponents? Or, more seriously, did she release any such information to Democratic party operatives that they might do the same?

While they might have felt like they were on top of the world when they held positions of major importance in the Obama administration, now being a former occupant of such high offices might turn out to be far less enjoyable.

Source: Fox News

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