The ghosts of former President Obama’s treasonous administration didn’t leave with him when he, Michelle, and their two daughters moved out of the White House after the election of Donald Trump.

It is a well known fact that Barack Obama brought into his administration Muslims suspected of having dealings with Islamic terrorist organizations, like the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently, some of the holdovers hired by Obama have been spying since they first day they started their jobs.

As we know, the three Iranian information technology hires have used their clearances to access sensitive information in the United States Congress, but what we just found out is that they were funded by an Iranian double agent.

From Mad World News:

Bombshell evidence is coming out about the three Muslim brothers who are under U.S. Capitol Police investigation for allegedly spying. Court documents just revealed that the Awan brothers, who were hired by the Obama administration, are now linked to an Iranian double agent who funded them, but that’s not all. We’ve uncovered how this all links directly to radical Islamic terrorists; this is completely mind-blowing information…

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In essence, these Muslim brothers had our most classified documents at their dispoal, and they are accused of stealing that information. Now, we have uncovered the smoking gun against these brothers, proving they were getting paid by an Iranian double agent.

The man paying for all of this information is an Iranian doctor named Ali al-Attar and is known in Washington DC as a double agent in cahoots with the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

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Of course, the mainstream media isn’t going to report information as damning is this is and would much rather prefer to tell the public that it’s Donald Trump and the Russians we should be worried about.

President Obama compromised the security of the United States to the point that it will take a man like Donald Trump years to clean it all out!

There is no doubt, however, that Trump is up to the task, it’s just a matter of how long it will take!

Source: Mad World News

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