This Man’s Son Was Killed By An Illegal, But What Did The Democrats Do To Him? I’m In Tears Of RAGE.

One issue that this nation must come to terms with is illegal immigration. That it was allowed or even encouraged by the Obama administration only made matters worse. President Trump ran on a platform of ending this open immigration policy of Mr. Obama’s, and of deporting the illegal immigrants who are here. Of course, the left hates this.

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Mr. Trump also upset the left during his campaign when he commented that many of those coming across the border illegally were criminals. Cries of indignation issued forth from the left. How dare he make such an insensitive remark? The problem is the remark is far less insensitive than the reality which manifests itself in Americans killed by immigrants.

The story begins with an invitation to President Trump’s speech to Congress just competed: “Jamiel Shaw Sr., the father of a son who was killed by an illegal immigrant was a guest last night at President Trump’s first speech to Congress. The address was masterful and even some Democrats were on board with Trump at certain points. But, showing their true colors, the disrespectful and awful Dems booed Shaw Sr. and even gave him the thumbs down.”

Admittedly, President Trump was making a point by inviting Mr. Shaw, but it takes a lot of guts to boo a fellow who lost his son to the violent act of another.

Anyway, Shaw was interviewed by Fox & Friends and had this to say: “‘I just ignore them, like they do me.’ – Jamiel Shaw, whose son was killed by illegal immigrant, reacts to Dems booing Trump over immigration — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) March 1, 2017″

It’s interesting to see how the left reacts to this. Note Mrs. Pelosi’s words carefully, “We must recognize our undocumented immigrants deserve the dignity of a pathway to citizenship. #JointSession — Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) March 1, 2017″

The word, “our” is not there by accident. These are “our undocumented immigrants” so she writes, as though we are responsible for them being here – that they are, in some way, already part of America. She also claims they, “deserve the dignity … of citizenship.”

These people chose to come to this country through illegal means. The only thing they deserve is to be treated humanely as they are returned to their countries of origin. And there is no dignity in arriving here by breaking the law.

Words mean things. And Mrs. Pelosi and her fellow leftists betray their real agenda every time they speak.

President Trump has already started to implement his campaign promises. Negotiations on the border wall with Mexico are underway, and executive orders have been given to immigration authorities. At the same time, the expected push-back from the left is in progress. After all, they do not want their supply of new Democratic voters to be curtailed.

Source: Yes, I’m Right

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