Shocking Announcement Floors Nation! Look Who Admits That Trump Did NOT Collude With Russia!

Starting November 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton and her hordes of liberal friends (including Obama) decided that instead to truly concede her election loss, they would work to stop Donald Trump in his tracks the moment he took office.

They have not been as successful as they probably had hoped, given the fact that so many good things have occurred in the past few months. But it’s hard to actually know what positive things our country has experienced, when all we hear about is the president’s supposed collusion with Russia and investigations surrounding that narrative.

But today, finally, we have the truth. The truth is this: President Trump did not collude with Russia, and that there is no evidence to suggest such a preposterous thing. The icing on the cake is that the person making this admission is none other than Obama’s former CIA director, John Brennan! 

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From The Political Insider:

Ever since Hillary Clinton’s historic loss to then-candidate Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Democrats and their friends in the liberal media have been breathlessly pushing a Russian conspiracy theory that President Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin. 

The left has provided no evidence for their claim, yet that hasn’t stopped them from treating such allegations as fact, serving to undermine the Trump administration. 

Yesterday, the liberal media spent all morning spinning their narrative – pretending that John Brennan was providing some smoking gun for their conspiracy theory – with these headlines:

But when Brennan appeared under oath in Senate testimony, he sang a totally different tune than the media narrative. He poured more cold water on the left’s conspiracy theory, saying he had no idea if any collusion between Trump officials and the Russians actually existed.

This confession should put an end to these shameful conspiracies being peddled on the left, but they won’t. 

Despite Brennan’s admission, the left will undoubtedly continue to peddle this false narrative, as they cannot accept that their candidate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald J. Trump last November.

You can watch his admission of no collusion here:

Finally, the liberal narrative accusing the president of collusion can completely disappear. If the former deep state Obama operative cannot conclude that there is evidence to suggest that President Trump was in cahoots with Russia, then we know that that the Democrats have made complete fools of themselves.

Although I’m sure that the liberals will try again to stir up another fake scandal in the near future, let’s hope that their base remembers their Boy Who Cried Wolf moment with Trump/Russia allegations and ignores any new fake news!

Source: The Political Insider

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