Shock Report: Bernie Sanders Just Got Some Very Bad News From The FBI, Americans Are Cheering

Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign for the presidency was something of an anomaly. Here we had an elderly, hard-core socialist packing in the millennials at his primary campaign rallies. The question “why” was rightly asked. Are we to conclude that those in their twenties are confirmed leftists? Perhaps they found Hillary to be as revolting of a candidate as those on the right, and just could not bring themselves to support any of the Republicans.

Whatever the case, he was a thorn in Hillary’s side. It’s clear that she had to move to the left politically during the primaries to keep from losing more votes to Bernie. This made her less attractive to the political center, something Donald Trump put to good use in the general election. Even Hillary’s collusion with then Chair of the DNC Schultz to derail Bernie backfired.

But Bernie has a problem. Actually, it’s his wife, Jane, who has the problem. She was president of Vermont’s Burlington College in 2010. She lead a real estate project to expand the land owned by the college. She secured a bank loan and some funding from the Catholic parish that owned the property. A year later she was out of a job over claims that she deceived the bank to get the loan. And the FBI is still investigating the matter.

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“The investigation surrounds a real estate transaction that Sanders initiated while she was president of Vermont’s Burlington College in 2010. Sanders wanted to buy about 33 acres from a neighboring Roman Catholic parish in order to augment the college’s space.

“Accordingly, she obtained a loan of $6.7 million from a bank and another $3.6 million from the parish that owned the property. One year later, Sanders resigned the college presidency after being accused of deceiving the bank about the success of her fundraising efforts to raise money for the project.”

It seems odd that this investigation is still in progress seven years after the alleged offense occurred. But if the FBI is considering convening a grand jury, it sounds like the bureau is serious about this case.

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“Former Burlington College Board Chairman Yves Bradley also confirmed with Fox News that the FBI was continuing to investigate, asking Bradley several questions about Sanders and the bank controversy.

“Sanders attorney Rich Cassidy asked Bradley about the FBI investigation, but Bradley opted not to respond. Cassidy has not responded to Fox News’ requests for an interview.

“Neither Bernie Sanders’s spokesman nor stepdaughter Carina Driscoll would speak to Fox News about these latest developments.”

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It’s not been a good couple of years for the Sanders couple. Bernie was the victim of some rather underhanded campaign techniques by Hillary. And now his wife might be on her way to prison.

You don’t have to be a liberal to be attacked by Hillary, nor to be accused of bank fraud. It just makes your life all that more miserable.

Source: Daily Caller

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