‘Sanctuary’ Cities Launch WICKED Assault On America…Even Trump Is Stunned – WHOA!

The Liberal mindset is completely mind-boggling, isn’t it? Their perspective on reality is sometime so delusional, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at their antics.

The latest progressive fight has been against President Trump and his executive order that would slow down federal funding for sanctuary cities. Why the far Left thinks that harboring illegal immigrants, and especially illegal immigrants who commit crimes, is a noble thing to do for our country is beyond me. And why they think these illegals deserve my taxpayer dollars and your taxpayer dollars disgusts me.

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The new shenanigans that sanctuary cities have pulled is that they are now asking federal judges to block President Trump’s order. San Francisco is one of the first cities to do so, and of course, they called upon their liberal judge friend, William Orrick. The same William Orrick who refused to uphold Trump’s first temporary travel ban.

From LA Times:

San Francisco asked a federal judge Wednesday to block President Trump’s order threatening to strip federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities that bar police from enforcing immigration laws.

The city followed Santa Clara County in asking U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick for a nationwide preliminary injunction against Trump’s executive order until a lawsuit against the order is heard. A hearing on the injunction request has been tentatively scheduled in Orrick’s San Francisco courtroom for April 5.

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San Francisco is one of several local governments nationwide that have sued to block the Jan. 25 order, aimed at about 400 cities and counties that refuse to comply with federal agencies’ requests to hold residents who crossed the border illegally or to participate in immigration raids. San Francisco is both a city and county.

In its motion Wednesday, San Francisco argued that Trump’s order trampled on state sovereignty and exceeded his authority…

The motion asked the court to bar Trump from withholding funds and to rule that San Francisco’s sanctuary policies comply with federal law.

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How in the world can sanctuary cities be in conjunction with federal law? Federal law stipulates that those who illegally enter our country give us the right to deport them as quickly as possible. Again, the progressives will ignore the facts that are staring them in their face.

Clearly, their plan is to bring as many illegals into the United States, buy them off with federal funding, and then gain a lifetime illegal voter. It’s utterly despicable. 

Source: LA Times

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