You Won’t Believe Who Is Refusing To Cooperate With The Susan Rice Scandal — And It’s Not Susan Rice!

There are days when you have to wonder just whose side our intelligence services are on.

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Perhaps they are wondering the same thing, but they do no service to the republic when they conduct surveillance activities on an incoming U.S. president then refuse to cooperate with an official investigation. That said, it’s rather safe to say we know the reason for the lack of cooperation – revealing the facts would enrage half the population, and put some former government leaders in very difficult positions.

Former national security advisor Susan Rice is at the center of this, especially after her claim that she doesn’t know anything about these allegations, which represents a pretty lame effort at denying her involvement. You’d think she could have come up with something a bit more creative.  Yet in spite of official resistance, information is leaking out.

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Fox News has reported that “[t]he intelligence reports at the center of the Susan Rice unmasking controversy were detailed, and almost resembled a private investigator’s file, according to a Republican congressman familiar with the documents.”

None of that is encouraging. The idea that an outgoing president or his administration would spy on his successor in the period between the election and the inauguration is more than just disturbing. And if that data were passed on to political operatives of the party opposing the new president, there is more than just a serious problem present. Things have clearly moved into the realm of the criminal.

Perhaps having gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar, our intelligence agencies are obstructing congressional investigations.

Again, from Fox News: “The CIA, FBI and National Security Agency – all agencies in position to aid the probe – are not cooperating. ‘Our requests are simply not being answered,’ said one House Intelligence committee source about the lack of responsiveness. ‘Any information that will help find the extent on the unmasking and surveillance is purposely not being provided,’ said the Senate source.”

Continuing: “Sources within the NSA said they are watching the investigation closely, with one telling Fox News, ‘A number of people saw a lot of very questionable stuff. [The Obama admin was] using national assets and intelligence for politics.'”

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All of this supports what we have suspected since the story first broke. The Obama administration used our intelligence agencies to conduct surveillance activities on the incoming Trump administration. And those agencies agreed to cooperate in this activity.

This is politics at its worst in that it destroys what confidence there is in those agencies as well supporting the cynical view that Washington is nothing but a bunch of crooks. “Draining the swamp” has taken on a new sense of urgency.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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