President Trump Is Taking Obamacare Matters Into His Own Hands — How Embarrassing For Ryan, McConnell

Donald Trump, by now, is well aware that being president is not like being the head of your own billion-dollar corporation. No doubt he knew that before he applied for the job. But it’s one thing to observe and another to participate. And President Trump is now at the center of what is clearly the greatest test of his leadership abilities he has ever experienced.

It would be nice if the Republicans in Congress would unite behind President Trump, if for no other reason than as an act of gratitude for saving us from what was Hillary’s junta-in-waiting. Those conservatives who are frustrated with the progress the president has made thus far need to keep in mind the obstacles he has had to overcome just to get where we are. Unfortunately, these would include some RINOs who cannot or will not figure out how to lead as the majority party backing a president who is one of their own.

Since Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have failed to get a repeal and replace bill passed regarding Obamacare, the president is using executive orders to make the changes he can on his own. In that regard, he is preparing an executive order to allow Americans to buy health insurance from companies outside their own states. This will create competition and should be a win for Americans as lower premiums should result. The only question remains is why the Republicans didn’t do this some time ago.

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“The White House is putting the finishing touches on an executive order that would expand health care options with allowing individuals to band together and buy insurance beyond their state lines, according to reports.

“The order, which is expected to be signed by President Trump next week, will be aimed at expanding insurance options for Americans who buy their own coverage or receive it through working at a small company, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new options would broaden instructions for agencies to explore loosening regulations and lowering premiums.”

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Competition is a major driver of innovation and of greater value for consumers. So the only question that remains is where Republican leadership has been all this time?

“Under the president’s executive action, membership groups could sponsor insurance plans that cost less because — for example — they wouldn’t have to offer the full menu of benefits required under the Affordable Care Act, also called ‘Obamacare.’ It’s unclear how the White House plans to overcome opposition from state insurance regulators, who see that as an end-run to avoid standards.

“‘There are likely to be legal challenges that could slow this effort down,’ said Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.”

No surprises there. Government hates good ideas that move too fast since this makes it difficult for politicians to get involved and take credit where none was deserved.

This is not a small group of people who would potentially be impacted by this executive order.

“While nearly nine million consumers who receive tax credits under the Obama-era law are protected from higher premiums, about 6.7 million other customers with individual coverage get no subsidies and will bear the full brunt of cost increases that reach well into the double digits in many states.

“Many in this group are solidly middle-class, including self-employed business people and early retirees. Cutting premiums for them has been a longstanding Republican political promise.”

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The Republican leadership (sic) in Congress has done the president and the people of our country a disservice by not passing legislation to address the disaster of Obamacare.

It’s not just Obamacare that needs to be repealed and replaced. There are also quite a few Republicans in Congress who need to be replaced as well. It is long past time for Republicans to stop nominating RINOs like McCain, Graham, Ryan, and McConnell. These are not friends of the conservative movement, but are traitors to their party and the voters who elected them.

Send them into retirement.

Source: Fox News

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