President Trump Drops New Executive Order — Leaves Obama, Democrats In Complete Devastation

The meltdown of the what’s left of the Obama legacy continues. It will soon be difficult to find much evidence that Mr. Obama was ever president except for a legacy of debt and social upheavals.

It was a failed presidency. That is said with no joy, since Americans suffered under his misgovernment. Leftist interest groups may have prospered for a time, but that’s no help at all, as their ideas of how a free people should be governed are essentially wrong. Hence, the faster Obama policies are eliminated the better.

Obamacare would be the prime example of a program that needs to be repealed and replaced by something that works rather than making matters worse. While the Republican leadership in Congress is rightly criticized for its failure to make this happen, President Trump continues to fulfill the campaign promise to rid the nation of Obamacare to the extent that this authority permits. His latest executive order continues the shutdown of Obamacare by allowing small businesses to cooperate in buying insurance across state lines.

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“There’s a fundamental disagreement in healthcare policy: One side believes that the government must plan and control the behavior of all actors, including consumers, insurers, even providers. The other side believes that individuals know better than regulators what choices in care and coverage are best.

“With President Trump’s executive order, President Trump signals that he agrees with the latter, and seeks to offer relief to American small businesses, workers, and families from the unfair high costs, and lack of choice in insurance plans created by the Affordable Care Act.

“The purpose of this EO is to give people and business new coverage options and ways to obtain insurance, and by making insurance more affordable, helping more people get covered.”

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The left is unwilling to give people the same choices in economic matters as it does in favored social policies such as abortion and how to define marriage. Health care represents an enormous portion of our economy, and thus is an irresistible target for liberal control freaks.

Plus, given how important health care is to individuals, if you can control their access to health care, you have enormous power over them. This is a power the government should not have.

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There are many free-market solutions to the health care problem, and introducing competition as this executive order does is a fine example of what can be done. However, many of these changes will require congressional action. And it desirable to have a comprehensive new plan that replaces Obamacare in total rather than fixing things piecemeal.

While President Trump is to be commended for accomplish much of what Congress has failed to do, pressure should continue to be applied to Republicans legislators, especially Republican leadership to accomplish the task for which they were sent to Washington.

Reminding them that Republican voters could select others during the primaries is a terrific strategy for getting their attention. It’s a strategy that needs to be aggressively applied starting now.

Source: Town Hall

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