They Found Them! Guess Who Were Just Arrested In Bangladesh After Massacring Hundreds?

If Islam is the “religion of peace” that we are frequently told it is by liberal politicians and others, then it certainly has a lot of housecleaning to do. In other words, Islam has within its fold quite a few folks who have not gotten the memo about the religion of peace bit. Just turn on the news to get evidence of this.

It is clearly a religion of chaos. There are Muslims fighting Christians, Jews, and even other Muslims who happen to belong to a different sect. Perhaps it would be better to characterize it as a religion of anger. However one wishes to describe this faith, “peaceful” seems buried beneath a harsh reality that is simply obvious to anyone who is watching.

The tragic consequences of the actions of those who take Islamic beliefs and put them into action is something we witness far too often. And we just witnessed it as we learn of a group of twenty-two Muslims disguised as refugees being arrested in Bangladesh for murdering 100 Hindus in Myanmar.

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“Amid a raging debate over the deportation of Rohingyas from India, Times Now’s exclusive investigation has revealed why Centre has taken the stand it has.

“22 Rohingya Muslims, who were posing as refugees, have been arrested in Bangladesh, Times Now has learnt. The 22 people are allegedly linked to the massacre of Rohingya Hindus in Myanmar.

“The same forces are believed to have attacked Bangladeshi forces earlier and Pakistan’s deep state is believed to have trained this group of 22 Rohingyas.” (Times Now)

So India has a problem with Islamic violence, and the government is in a debate over a decision to deport a segment of them from their country. It is into this debate that this current massacre has injected itself.

Returning to the religion of peace theme, it’s not just in Europe where Muslim migrants have overrun cultures, demanded Islamic law, and committed acts of violence. This is, tragically, a world-wide problem.

It must be awful for those Muslims who would like to live peaceful lives among other peoples to be lumped in with hordes of terrorists who are a plague on every nation they infiltrate. Yet the facts remain as they are. Islam is an ideology that fosters violence. There are specific admonitions within their scriptures that adherents can and do use to justify acts of hideous violence against not only other peoples, but also against other Muslims who don’t see things in the same way.

This is a crisis that Islam must resolve. Is it going to pursue a path of violent conquest, or is it going to peacefully coexist among the other belief systems in the world.? So far, we hear far more news of the former than of the latter. Hence, those who are not of the Muslim faith have every right to be not only concerned, but also critical.

As these Hindus learned, it can be a matter of life and death.

Source: Times Now (India)

Source: Jihad Watch

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