Taxpayers Pissed To Learn What Federal Government Took Away From Them To Give To ISIS Jihadists

Europe is being exploited and is imploding from the inside-out. There is no doubt about the fact that the European Union has been on a steady decline in its vision for a European future bright with prospects for financial security, independence from foreign oil, and a continent free from strife, violence, and terrorism.

The problem with these visions, as has become all the more apparent lately, is that it is simply not feasible to believe that the underbelly of the radical Islamist movement to subjugate Europe under its crushing Caliphate is in any way shape or form able to accept those terms where they are assimilated into a society and heritage that they view as anathema to their own way of life.

In order for that to go by the wayside, they have required hundreds of millions of dollars to continue their horrifying task of recruitment in the Middle East. The only way to do this is to expect that the money will be coming from outside sources. European monies have been pouring into these terror outfits through foreign governments by the families of Muslims living in Europe who have been scamming the taxpayers through false claims and then sending their “earnings” to ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban!

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The Daily Caller:

Some 20 percent of French Islamic State fighters have been collecting social benefits from France to help finance the terror group, newspaper Le Figaro reported Thursday.

Jihadis have claimed unemployment benefits and family allowance for years while living in Syria. Over the past five years, some 500,000 euros ($583,200) have gone directly from the French taxpayers to the terror group, according to the report.

Investigators have uncovered a scam that involved 420 fraudulent withdrawals by jihadis in 2016 alone. At least 210 people received the money after family members withdrew cash at employment centers across the country.

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“Armed with their cards and photos, the parents were able to access the funding from the Unemployment Agency or the Family Allowances and send it to combat zones, mostly via Turkey,” an investigator told Le Figaro.

Other European countries have uncovered similar problems.

Close to every person who left Sweden to fight for terror groups in the Middle East received welfare, according to a government report.

A study of 300 Swedish citizens who fought in Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2016 shows jihadis are getting increasingly good at getting away with welfare fraud. The individuals often use a person in Sweden to handle paperwork and create the illusion that they’re still in the country. (RELATED: Sweden Realizes It’s Been Supporting Hundreds Of Terrorists For Years)

“It’s not surprising, we’ve seen the same pattern in other countries,” Magnus Ranstorp, one of the authors behind the report, told state broadcaster SVT. “What’s most surprising is that close to everyone received it in some form. The oversight process needs to get better.”

The most attractive option are government loans to study abroad. The loans are easy to get and thousands of dollars are paid out at once.

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) have also identified several cases of Danish citizens receiving early pension because they were deemed too sick or disabled to work. They later left the country to fight for Islamic State while the payments continue to get deposited into their accounts.

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In this case, even when it seems legit, the European governments in their haste to show their mercy and kind spirit (as well as the Leftist talent of looking the other way as taxpayer money is wasted) have been unwittingly contributing millions to a terrorist cause here or there.

This is the most insidious part of Progressive policy in any nation. Because they don’t value money at the governmental levels and they don’t attribute the taxpayer money to hard-working people that they are, in essence, borrowing through the generosity of the taxpayers, they tend to throw money away as if it is valueless. This in turn sets up these governments for a huge fallout when the money finds itself in the hands of people who are calling for their destruction.

Source: The Daily Caller

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