Pentagon Deliberately Defies President Trump, Says They Will Pay 100% For All…

If you ask the average American citizen about what percentage of the population they believe is transgender, the typical answer is between 25-30%. Statistically, that would mean that for every 1 in 4 people you met on the street, that person would be transgender! Hard to believe, right?

What is incredible to note is that it is estimated that 99.7% of the US population of nearly 325 million people are NOT transgender! That means that a mere 0.3% is and that there is a tremendous disconnect between Liberalism and reality. But why is the disparity so fantastic? This is simply due to the perception that Leftist ideology puts forward that it is so pervasive as to be nearly a majority of the population. Every television show you see, every movie you watch, every book you read, pushes the sexual identity political beliefs of the Left.

Either someone of very high station at the Pentagon is transgender or they just decided to ignore the president on a key taxpayer savings policy. Whatever the matter, Pentagon officials have just decided that those personnel in the military wishing to have sex-reassignment surgery will have it paid for by the taxpayer, whether or not the president says, “No way!”

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The transgender “interim guidance” rules set by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis block additional soldiers from using pro-transgender policies set by former President Barack Obama, but do not repudiate the revolutionary ideological claim that men and women can change their legal sex by adopting an opposite-sex “gender identity.”

The memo also allows an open-ended commitment to cosmetic “sex reassignment” surgeries. It announces that the DOD will continue paying for soldiers to undergo these surgeries up until March 22, 2018, and will allow exceptions after that cutoff date “to protect the health of an individual who has already begun a course of treatment to reassign his or her sex.”

Mattis’ continued acceptance of the gender-trumps-biology claim — despite the formal August repudiation by President Donald Trump — is a concern for Elaine Donnelly, founder of the Center for Military Readiness.

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“The vocabulary is very similar to [Obama-era] documents setting forth plans to have transgenders in the military …  [even though] it is consistent with the memo that the President put out on August 25,” she told Breitbart News.

The Obama-like language in his September 18 “interim guidance” is especially concerning because Mattis has not explained which officials will draft the new regulations, she said. “We don’t know who will be in this group that the Secretary of Defense is establishing, and that causes some a lot of concern because people are policy,” she said.

Under Obama, Pentagon deputies quietly and gradually imposed a pro-transgender policy via advisory consultants at Rand Corp. think-tank and the Palm Center, she said. “We do know what the President wants: Will the people selected [for the job] carry out the wishes of the president?” she asked.

Mattis’ policy is seen as a slow-motion repudiation of Trump’s policy by some transgender advocates.

Trump’s formal opposition to the transgender ideology is pushing Democrats to make their unpopular transgender ideology an issue in the 2018 elections. However, Obama has said twice that his 2016 support for the ideology contributed to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the presidential election.

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With a mere 0.3% of the population transgender, I believe it’s safe to assume that the Swamp RINOs will be just fine if they decide this one time NOT to go along with the Leftists for the sake of being liked by the Fake News Industrial Complex.

If however I’m wrong and the Swamp RINOs do join with the Jackasses, let’s hope that the American people will remember this in 2018 when both are up for reelection and the third party alternative or Tea Party candidate, or just plain outsider, run on the opposite ticket, and vote accordingly. I believe they will.

Source: Breitbart

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