Just In: After Tax Bill Becomes Law, Paul Ryan To Announce To Congress That He Will…

Being the leader of the Republicans in the House cannot be a position and job of undiluted joy. Part of the problem derives from the fact that there are considerable differences among members. These members have formed into coalitions that often have conflicting agendas. Keeping all of them pointed in the same direction is not an easy one. And Speaker Paul Ryan has not been especially successful in this critical task.

Part of the problem derives from the fact that Mr. Ryan is a moderate Republican. Or to put it more crudely, he is a RINO, or Republican in Name Only. This signifies a willingness to adopt some liberal positions that are not terribly different from those of the Democrats. Conservative Republicans only tolerate him. They do not embrace him nor trust him.

It is very likely that Mr. Ryan actually abhors being the Speaker. If so, he ought to quit. And that is precisely the rumor at large in Washington. Paul Ryan may resign as Speaker after the tax bill has passed and been signed by President Trump. Conservatives will not be sad to see him go.

“Nothing’s confirmed yet. But talk of Ryan giving up the speakership is becoming more vocal. Now, some insider Republicans are starting to openly speculate about it.

“And if you know anything about the gossipy nature of Capitol Hill, you know that when there are whispers, there is usually some truth behind the hushed voices.”

Here’s one hint that Mr. Ryan may be ready to call it quits:

“Should Ryan succeed in getting tax reform through the House, and the bill makes it onto President Trump’s desk for his signature, that will be enough for him to call it day. Fuller writes [for the Huffington Post], ‘When the House Freedom Caucus gathered Monday night, members spent part of their meeting discussing a theory circulating on Capitol Hill and among the downtown Christmas parties that Ryan may believe he’s harpooned his personal white whale of tax reform and decide he’s finished.’

“It’s well-known that Ryan doesn’t much enjoy the speakership. He was practically forced into the position in 2015 when John Boehner, without warning, announced his retirement.”

The House Freedom Caucus is a group of conservative Congressmen. There would be no tears shed there should Mr. Ryan quit.

The House Republicans are very much in need of a real conservative who can rally the troops. Mr. Ryan was not such a person, and neither was the man he replaced, Mr. Boehner.

Instead they need someone who can carry forward the conservative Republican agenda with boldness, and without equivocation. Someone who can lead a unified party and set an example for the Senate.

This is no small matter. Much of President Trump’s agenda needs to be passed. And we’re about eleven months from the mid-term elections at which time all House seats will be on the ballot.

If Ryan is going to step down, the successful enactment of the tax bill is the right time to do it.

Source: Political Insider

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