Patrol Agents Make 2 Shocking Arrests In Storm Drains Near Border — Mexico Left In A Blind Panic

The extent to which illegals will go to enter the US is almost as extreme as what they will do to avoid capture by Border Patrol once here. After all, there’s little point in risking your life to get into the country only to be apprehended and sent back to Mexico after doing so. Hence, we see illegals engaging in some very dangerous activities to avoid detection.

One tragedy is that because illegals sometimes engage in very risky behaviors, Border Patrol must then engage in similar behaviors in order to capture them. This places our agents in harm’s way not only from the illegals themselves, but from the dangerous places they must go to extract them.

The storm drains of El Paso would be one such location used by illegals to hide. When Border Patrol was advised that five illegals had taken shelter in the drains, agents went in after them. Of the five who had hidden themselves there, only three Mexican nationals were initially caught in spite of the risks taken to search for the group.

El Paso Storm Drains - CBP photo

“Agents received a tip about five illegal aliens attempting to hide in the El Paso storm drain system to avoid capture after illegally crossing the border from Mexico. Officials notified the agency’s Confined Space Entry Team (CSET) to carry out a search, information obtained by Breitbart Texas from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed. As the CSET members searched the storm drains, other Border Patrol agents carried out surface operations near exit points for the drainage system.

A Border Patrol Bike Patrol Team discovered three people shortly after they exited the system. An interview by the agents revealed that at least two people fell behind and remained in the drains. One of the illegal aliens, a woman, reportedly sustained an injury while hiking the drain.

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Agents notified the El Paso Fire Department, who quickly responded to provide assistance to those remaining underground. Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents also got involved. An exhaustive search came up unsuccessful, officials stated.

The following morning, agents heard voices emerging from the system. They eventually located the man by tracking his voice. They removed the drain cover and successfully extracted the man. The suspected illegal alien said that his wife fell behind and that he believed she broke her ankle.

The agents re-entered the storm drain and eventually found the injured woman. One of the rescuers carried the woman out on his back. The agents arrested both of the illegal aliens and transported them to a local hospital for treatment.

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If the liberals would stop encouraging illegals to enter the country by providing them with sanctuary and generous welfare benefits, much of this problem could be ended at its source. Without such promises and assurances, the number of Mexican citizens and others trying to enter the country illegally would drop. With that, the pressure on our law enforcement agents working the border would be alleviated.

Stopping drug smuggling is more than enough work for Border Patrol without compounding it with the illegal alien problem. Instead of encouraging illegals to try to enter and stay in the US with promises of government benefits, it should be made clear that illegal immigration will not be tolerated. Rather than sanctuary, illegals should be promised a quick trip back home making all their efforts a waste of time and money.

If that were to happen there would be fewer illegals risking their lives hiding in storm sewers, and fewer US agents going there to rescue and arrest them.

Source: Breitbart

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