Shocking! Obama Loses It Big Time, Reveals Hypocrisy Of The Left…Even Donald Is Stunned!

It has become very clear that Mr. Obama is not going to retire from the presidency in a graceful fashion. And he might not even do it peacefully if his bellicose words and actions toward Russia persist. It’s impossible to crawl into the man’s head and decipher what he’s thinking, but he is clearly enraged that Donald Trump won and all that means for his beloved legacy. Too bad. The next three weeks cannot go by too quickly.

You can get a pretty good idea of the intensity of Mr. Obama’s animosity toward Donald Trump by the thinly-veiled critical comments he drops at various speaking opportunities. Mr. Obama and his speechwriters are not stupid – they know very well how to put a barb against Trump into Mr. Obama’s speeches without mentioning the despised President-elect by name. Again, we look forward to the passage of the next three weeks with great eagerness.

Enough of the generalities – let’s get down to specifics and see what depths Mr. Obama has sunk to now.

Obama recently hosted Japanese Prime Minister Abe at a memorial service at Pearl Harbor. Even the solemnity of such an occasion did not stop the president from taking a swipe at his successor.  Here’s what happened:

“At a symbolic ceremony at Pearl Harbor, President Obama hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and took time during a solemn moment of remembrance to attack Donald Trump.

“Obama, with the backdrop of what the Los Angeles Times describes as ‘the ascendance of President-elect Donald Trump,’ described his rise as ‘when hatred burns hottest.’

“He then added a racial element to the comments, saying that as the ‘tug of tribalism is at its most primal’, it’s important to ‘resist the urge to demonize those who are different.’”

As outrageous as such behavior and comments are, there is yet some comfort to be had.

First, as mentioned earlier, Obama has only three more weeks to humiliate our nation by his childish and vindictive behavior.  Second, the level of his vitriol indicates just how much Hillary’s loss means to him. He treasures his legacy jealously, and he’s about to see the end of his story punctuated by the ignominious defeat of his chosen successor and the victory of someone who could hardly be more different.

In other words, Mr. Obama, the great agent of change and hope and whatever else, is going to end these eight years with his presidency repudiated by the election of Donald Trump. Unless history is written in a way that is utterly divorced from the truth, that cannot be hidden.

For all the positive things Mr. Obama’s supporters will say in his behalf, the fact remains that his tenure ends not with fanfare, but with a thud. And the noise they will hear are his beloved programs he instituted collapsing under the leadership of Trump and a Republican-led Congress.

Mr. Obama, if there is any “hatred burning hot,” it would appear to be within you, and in your inability to come to grips with the failure of your administration.

Source: The Political Insider

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