Obama’s Newest Sick, Secret Plan That Could Cripple The Entire Country Just Exposed

The 2016 national elections were a disaster for the Democrats. Not only did their star candidate, the woman who could not be defeated, Hillary Clinton, actually lose, but they failed to gain control of either house of Congress.

Some, even among the Republicans, seem unable to appreciate what an accomplishment this was. In one fell swoop, Donald Trump dispatched Hillary and repudiated Obama’s legacy. Quite an accomplishment for someone who not only had never held political office, but who didn’t even have the solid support of his own party.

The Democrats may have taken a massive hit, but they should not be counted out. George Soros blew a lot of money on Hillary’s failed campaign, and Obama is furious as President Trump dismantles his legacy, or at least the parts of it that are not collapsing on their own like Obamacare. In an effort to return to power, George Soros and Eric Holder are working in concert with Obama in an effort to gerrymander districts to improve the chances of the Democrats regaining power in Washington. It must be watched carefully and countered effectively.

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“In a piece written for the Washington Examiner, Texas Governor Greg Abbott claimed that, with the help of liberal billionaire George Soros, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is attempting to gerrymander hundreds of districts across America.

“Gerrymandering is the process by which a political party will change the borders of a certain political zone (for example, the amount of territory covered by a House district) in order to favor that particular party.

“These zones can be manipulated by expanding to include a major city (which would traditionally favor Democrats) or by shrinking to exclude a city (which would traditionally favor Republicans).”

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This is not a new technique. Hence, if the RNC gets on the ball and takes advantage of the number of governorships and state houses that the Republicans hold, they should be able to mount a strong defense against the efforts of Soros, Holder, and Obama.

“‘Headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder, the tax-exempt 527 political action committee plans a three-pronged attack to flood state-level races with outside money, to leverage activist courts to wrest control of state redistricting plans, and finally, with the formidable community organizing prowess of former President Barack Obama, to fund astroturfed ballot initiatives in the guise of “fairness,”‘ Abbott wrote.”

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It all sounds very nefarious, but again, this is nothing new, although the intensity with which this group intends to pursue its goal might well be far stronger than previous such efforts. And Mr. Soros’ cash will come in very handy.

Conservatives must not dismiss this effort or downplay its significance. This is no minor project operating at the fringe. That said, we remain skeptical of Mr. Obama’s alleged “formidable community organizing prowess.” Perhaps we underestimate those skills, although he didn’t seem to do Hillary much good. And he certainly did not want to be succeeded by Donald Trump.

Anyway, the key is that this effort is intended and designed to run under the radar so people don’t know what is going on in their districts and states. Hence, one objective of conservatives must be to publicize what this collection of leftists is up to.

And the RNC needs to organize and fund a group with will render Mr. Soros’ and his cohorts’ efforts ineffective.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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