AMAZING: Obama Gives Surprising Advice to Melting Snowflakes: “Don’t Go Around Just Looking For…”

In the past few weeks, since the presidential election, we’ve seen president Obama evolve from a “community organizing” rabble rouser into something almost likable to the reasonable, sound, conservative side of the spectrum.

One might almost believe Obama is courting the favor of the voters whom he has snubbed and criticized for eight long years and it’s not surprising since he’s done a few things during his administration that most patriots would consider treasonous and worthy of prison, at the very least!

His new and very surprising approach is to advise liberal college students to be less closed minded towards those they disagree with and engage in open discussions about their differences.

From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama is expanding his discussion about modern progressives on college campuses. During an interview on National Public Radio, he advised college students to debate ideas instead of simply raising grievances and trying to silence the opposing side.

“My advice to progressives like myself, and this is advice I give my own daughters who are about to head off to college, is don’t go around just looking for insults,” he said. “You’re tough. If somebody says something you don’t agree with, just engage them on their ideas.”

Finally, Obama concluded by saying:

“As I’ve said before, I do think that there have been times on college campuses where I get concerned that the unwillingness to hear other points of view can be as unhealthy on the left as on the right,” he said in 2015, pointing to an instance where college students at Rutgers forced former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to cancel an appearance at the college.

“My concern is not whether there is campus activism,” Obama said. “I think that’s a good thing. But let kids ask questions and let universities respond. What I don’t want is a situation in which particular points of view that are presented respectfully and reasonably are shut down, and we have seen that sometimes happen.”

How extremely non-progressive of Mr. Obama since liberal progressives don’t like to lose arguments with conservatives and usually just shout them off campus with sarcasm, insults, and accusations of racism, etc.

The way he’s talking now, he sounds almost like a conservative! Almost!

Source: Breitbart

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