New Obama Administration Scandal Just Dropped…Their SICK, TWISTED Acts Exposed!

Who knew that while President Trump was in the process of draining the Washington swamp of corruption, the corruption could be so widespread. Who also knew that those involved in all of these shenanigans would include so many high ranking officials in so many top-secret and critical areas.

And how could American even consider that the corruption involved would not necessarily have to do with the sharing of sensitive information?

The skeletons in former President Obama’s administration closet that we are discussing includes the sharing of sensitive and inappropriate photographs.

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This includes, to a large extent, child pornography and other forms of pornography. These types of heinous photographs were found on employees’ work computers across twelve different agencies. This was reported by investigators in the Trump administration, who focused mainly on the 100 worst offenders caught.

Many of the worst offenders worked in the EPA, and the Department of Justice. It looks like Obama’s legacy will, ultimately, be nothing to brag about when all is said and done.

The information was disclosed by federal employees when they were presented with a court order generated by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

From Mad World News:

Child pornography and other adult-related materials have been found on the work computers of hundreds of federal employees who worked under Obama’s administration. Many of the offenders worked in the Department of Justice under Obama’s Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. This bombshell is going to leave a pretty big hole in Obama’s diminishing legacy as some feds have already gone to jail and others are on their way out of a job…

No one likes to have their dirty laundry on public display, but it is time for America to know the level of fraud, waste, and abuse reached under Obama’s corrupt administration…

Under the Obama administration, these sick federal employees had little to fear as many of them were given a slap on the wrist or no discipline at all. The damning fact in this story is that Obama appointed most of, if not all, of the people who ran these agencies and allowed these disgusting acts to go on unpunished.

Watch the video about this news here.

The thing about Obama’s legacy that is most likely to be remembered is the scandalous corruption within his administration that he either fostered, ignored, or participated in that President Trump ultimately had to clean out.

The closer Trump gets to the bottom of the Obama swamp, the stinkier it seems to be getting and that may be the legacy Obama is left with!

Source: Mad World News

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