Guilty! Guess Who Got Caught Smuggling Muslims Into The United States?

There is already more than ample evidence to support locking-down the border with Mexico and only allowing carefully vetted persons entry. That said, we just got more reason to do so.

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Our nation has laws governing who enters this country in order to protect our citizens. This should be obvious. If it isn’t, then the recent apprehension of a smuggler should settle the case once and for all.

When you think of smuggling and Mexico, drugs immediately come to mind. And well they should. But there’s another kind of smuggling going on, and it is at least as dangerous, if not more so. It involves the smuggling of potential terrorists into our country, and somebody just got caught.

Here is proof that President Trump is absolutely correct about the need to close the southern border. “Sharafat Ali Khan, 32, pleaded guilty in a D.C. federal court Wednesday to one count of conspiracy to smuggle undocumented migrants into the U.S. for profit. The Washington Times reported that he will be sentenced this summer and could get up to 46 months in prison, though a lesser sentence is likely.”

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What do we know about those he has been smuggling into our country? “Court documents revealed the complexity of Kahn’s operation, which included moving illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Peru and other countries through Brazil to Central America and eventually to Mexico before they would cross the U.S. southern border, Breitbart reported. For some, the journey took as long as nine months.”

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This is precisely what we have been warning about. It’s not enough to ban travel from nations that are infested with terrorists. These people are not stupid. They will just find another route if one is available, in this case via South and Central American countries then through Mexico.

Fortunately, one smuggler of potential terrorists has been put out of business. And he had the gall to express the hope that after his time in prison, that he might be able to remain in the U.S., as though serving a prison term was a meritorious act that somehow qualified him for citizenship, or at least permission to remain as an alien.

District Judge Walton was not about to put up with that. “‘That’s not part of the agreement,’ Walton said, having Khan sign paperwork promising to assist in his own deportation once his sentence is completed.”

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The justice system in this country will work just fine provided the proper leadership is in place. The appointment of Attorney General Sessions was a great start. Firing Obama appointed officials was another great move. If we get control of the borders as President Trump has promised, we’ve got a real reason for hope, especially after eight years of Obama policies that put our nation in danger.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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