Muslim Woman Refuses To Take Off Religious Veil Because Of Sharia Law, Police Have 1 Perfect Response

We already have plenty of evidence to demonstrate that Muslim migrants have no intention of integrating or assimilating into the western nations into which they have moved. Instead, they display the height of arrogance and ingratitude by demanding that their new host countries change their cultures and laws to suit the world of Islam. As such, they have it exactly backwards. It is the migrants who need to adjust, not the current citizens.

This is illustrated by the issue of Muslim dress codes, specifically the requirement that women must cover their faces in public. While not all segments of Islam practice that requirement, it remains a problem for those that do. And that problem is simple: It makes personal identification nearly impossible, thus facilitating criminal acts and impeding law enforcement.

Austria has outlawed the wearing of the burqa in public. When a woman recently chose to defy the law and wear one anyway, the result was not what she wanted. Clearly, she demonstrated that she wanted to show her defiance of Austrian law and western culture. Instead, the police forced her to remove the face covering on the spot, or be subject to fines. In other words, instead of conducting a demonstration against Austrian law, the woman wound up demonstrating that she was now living under western laws as opposed to Islamic Sharia law.

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“Aside from being forced to show their faces, the [Austrian] law also empowers authorities to inflict a $176 fine for each offense, The Telegraph reports. Of course, this seemingly small fee could add up quickly for devout Muslim women who have adopted the veil as part of their radical lifestyle.”

And that’s not all Austrian authorities have done to protect and defend western culture.

“Along with the ‘burqa ban,’ Austrian officials are requiring all immigrants to sign an ‘integration contract,’ in which they promise to respect Austrian freedoms and take mandatory courses in the German language and Western ‘values.'”

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Austria has it right. They are prepared to stand up for their culture and to stop immigrants from forcing a foreign culture on its citizens. And that’s what this is about. Leftists would love to portray it as a religious freedom issue and claim that Austrian authorities are out to persecute Muslims, but that’s not the case. Austrian authorities are simply determined to preserve their western culture and way of life from an assault by Islamic forces.

Standing up to Islam’s demands is the right action for western nations to take. The left will cry discrimination, yet this is short-sighted since the very freedoms of expression the left claims are vital would be outlawed by the religious forces they defend. If Islamic interests were permitted to implement Sharia law, one can be certain that neither the left nor anyone else would be able to express themselves in any way other than that prescribed by Islamic law.

Austria is doing nothing less than protecting the freedoms that are foundational to western culture from an assault. It’s leaders are worthy of our support and respect.

Source: Mad World News

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