Muslim Terrorists Start Stabbing Christian Woman With Knife, Her 2 Holy Words Send Them Running

In perusing the news from the Holy Land, as I do nearly every day, I am always amazed at the absolute fortitude of the Jews and Christians who choose to reside there in Jerusalem, considering the terrible state of affairs that they seem to endure in living in such close quarters to Muslim extremists. A quick tour of this beautiful city through Google Earth’s street view ability will give you a better understanding of what I’m trying to say.

As you drive through the four quarters of the city, you’ll find that the three quarters that are occupied by the Jews, Christians, and Armenians are majestic, art-laden, finely landscaped with gardens and the streets are lined with gorgeous trees. However, as you pass into the Muslim quarter, one glaring, noticeable difference will jump out at you. It appears as a battlefield where the scars of mortars and the dust of war have never quite healed or settled.

When I read the news of Jerusalem, it follows (sadly) a specific pattern. A Muslim has attempted to knife an innocent Jew or Christian. For Marike Veldman, a Dutch citizen who has made Jerusalem her home for the past 30 years, that reality came to visit her in the front of a bus when two Muslim men attacked her for merely being a Christian. As they stabbed her, she shouted her Savior’s name and her call was answered!

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Mad World News:

For over 30 years, Marike Veldman, 78, has worked with Arab children, raising them as her own in a foster home in Jerusalem, Christian News reports. In her lifetime, she has adopted a number of both Israeli and Palestinian minors who were abandoned, walking out her Christian faith in one of the most dangerous cities on earth.

Continuing her incredibly selfless charity to the world’s number one persecutors of her faith, Marike never thought that her acts of kindness would be answered with the same terrorism she attempts to snuff out in Arab youths.

While riding a bus, she noticed two suspicious looking Arab men sitting near the front, according to YNet News.

Veldman remembers the attack. “I entered the bus 78 in Armon Hanetziv (and) I saw two Arab men sitting in the very beginning of the bus, I thought to myself, ‘What were they doing on a bus at this hour, they should be at work,’ they looked suspicious,” she said.

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It was then that her worst fears were confirmed.

“They were laughing, exchanging maybe a joke or something, and then all of sudden they got up and started screaming ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and then one of them started stabbing me, and he stabbed me several times,” she recounted.

As the jihadist began hacking her to death, she screamed the only word she could think to say — Jesus.

“I cried constantly in Dutch, ‘Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus! Help me! Help me!” she recalled.

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The men took off and she managed to leave the bus, dripping blood, but was thankfully picked up by a passing motorist. The Jewish man quickly whisked her to a local hospital where she is recovering and thanking her rescuer and God for saving her life.

Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence in that region and it affects thousands of people per year. Donald Trump’s father, Fred, was best friends with Benjamin Netanyahu back when the Prime Minister of Israel was a diplomat at the United Nations. President Trump has honored his father and his faith by keeping this relationship between the two nations robust and honest. God bless America and God bless Israel!

Source: Mad World News

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