Muslims Strap Donkey With Explosives For Suicide Bombing, Donkey Has Perfect Response

Donkeys have proven throughout the history of man to be an essential animal for a myriad of tasks around the farm and homestead. They plowed fields, carried supplies, guarded livestock (yes, they really do), stand up to bully roosters, alarm their masters to trouble and, according to some in Alaska, even led the old prospector to gold veins!

There are certainly stories about famous donkeys as well. Speaking of Alaska, right here in Ketchikan there’s an old tale about Dammit the Donkey who had a very long life here on the island! Google it!

ISIS has had its brush with donkeys as well. In fact, just recently, a story unfolded where eight ISIS jihadists (not too bright on the uptake apparently) decided that instead of sacrificing themselves for Allah, they were going to let a jackass do it. They strapped an explosive device to the poor animal with intentions of sending it on its way to coalition forces. Apparently, the donkey had other plans and, let’s just say Karma paid these guys back big time!

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Mad World News:

[A] group of 8 cowardly Muslim extremists in Kirkuk thought they had come up with a genius idea, forcing a donkey to do their dirty work. According to the plan, the group would tie a suicide bomb to the innocent animal and sent it in the direction of their enemies.

The source told Alsumaria News that eight militants were putting an explosives vest on a donkey at al-Rashad region, 40 kilometers southwest of Kirku, preparing to send it to security deployments in Hamreen mountains.

The source…[said] that “the organization began to use animals to attack security forces through the booby-traps and sent to those forces, so as not to be targeted by Iraqi and international aviation.”

In a way, the donkey got some pretty brutal revenge as it’s suicide bomb went off prematurely as the group was attaching it. In all, the resulting explosion left three of the idiots dead and the other five severely wounded.

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And so, as it turns out, it’s not exactly so glorious to die for Allah, especially if you can get a donkey to do it for you.

In this case, the donkey was a bit smarter than the eight jackasses who decided to try and get one over on their maker. Perhaps Allah has a sense of humor, too!

Source: Mad World News

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