Muslim Store Owner Refuses To Sell Pork Because Of Sharia Law, Court Has 1 Perfect Response

One of the things we encounter when dealing with Muslims is the set of problems caused if they insist on the observance of Sharia law. This wouldn’t matter if such observances didn’t make demands on non-Muslims. There are considerable points at which the existing body of law in western nations conflicts with Sharia. Obviously, having two competing and incompatible legal systems in one area won’t work.

European nations have experienced an elevated level of conflicts with their Muslim populations in part due to their policies of uncontrolled immigration. Apparently, the liberal politicians in these nations never considered what would happen by dumping a foreign culture into theirs. Especially one that does not intend to assimilate, but insists on bringing its legal system with them. Or, more likely, these leftist leaders just didn’t care. Unfortunately for everyone, they now have a mess.

The town of Colombes is a suburb of Paris. It has one local grocery store. A Muslim signed a lease for the building and opened a halal food store, observing Islamic dietary laws. Among other rules, this meant no pork or liquor would be sold. Speaking of rules, the lease this Muslim shopkeeper signed specified that the store would function as a “general food store,” something he had no intention of doing. He was taken to court where the conditions of the lease agreement were invoked. The result was the end of his halal food market, and the imposition of legal fees.

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“According to Bare Naked Islam, the incident took place in the Colombes suburb of Paris, France, as outraged residents wanted to ensure that the district didn’t become another ‘no-go zone.’ As it turns out, a Muslim bought Good Price discount mini-market, which happened to be the only grocery store in the area, and he immediately turned it into a halal shop. In other words, no pork or alcohol was being sold anymore.

“Too bad for him, things wouldn’t exactly go according to plan since it wasn’t long before the local population started to fight back. Just like that, residents went to their elected officials who, after seeing the numerous complaints against the store, launched an investigation.

“Come to find out, the owner of the store had signed a lease which stipulated that the market must act as a ‘general food store.’ However, that never came to be as the owner apparently sought to appease only Muslims in the area.”

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Not only was this man in violation of his lease agreement, but he was a lousy businessman. Being the only grocery store in town confers a terrific advantage since every resident is a potential customer. Instead of appealing to that broad market, he chose to chase them off. Taken at face value, this is so stupid that one must wonder if some other agenda was at work.

“Although it can’t be said for certain, many people believe this is actually a tactic used by Muslims in order to clear out an area and make it more populated by members of the Islamic faith. Knowing that non-believers won’t support such an inhumane way to kill animals purposed for food as those commanded for meat to be considered halal, those behind the idea hope that residents move elsewhere to get what they want.

“In turn, that gets the non-Muslims out of their area and creates a vacuum, allowing for other Muslims to fill the void. As more Muslims come in, it encourages even more of the local natives to move elsewhere as the area’s Islamic influence grows.”

Was this shopkeeper simply a poor businessman? Or was he willing to curtail his business in order to encourage the establishment of this town as a Muslim enclave?

Whatever the case, he’s out of business.

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“However, the owner had the audacity to ignore the order, claiming ‘discrimination’ – but now, he’s paying big time. Most recently, the court of Nanterre ruled that the shop is to be closed down, and its rental lease is to be canceled after it failed to comply.

“‘The court said that the market had not added alcohol and non-halal meats to its range of products and therefore went against its lease, and ruled its lease to be canceled, while ordering the owner of the shop to pay 4,000 euros worth of court fees, and empty the premises.’ [Source: Daily Sabah]”

And that marks a fitting and proper end to this shopkeeper’s enterprise.

When you come to a western nation, you obey the laws of that nation. You do not bring your own laws with you and then insist your foreign laws supersede existing statutes.

If you cannot live within the culture and legal system of a particular nation, either stay home or find a country and culture that does suit you.

Source: Mad World News

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