After Muslim Refugee Sexually Assaults Eight Girls, He Uses This “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card — YIKES!

Technically speaking, Sharia law is already being enforced by liberal western judges who refuse to punish Muslims on the basis of their refugee status or cultural background.

Refugees who commit sexual assault crimes in western countries are often likely to be found not guilty and set free, just because they come from another culture that allows them to treat women and young girls that way.

As a perfect case study, this Muslim immigrant was set free by a liberal judge after sexually assaulting eight girls on an Australian beach. When asked why he would behave in such a manner, he told the judge that it was part of his culture to sexually abuse the innocent girls. The horrific part is, the judge freed him, citing “cultural differences.”

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From Mad World News:

Despite initially reporting that an 18-year-old Muslim Pakistani was arrested for molesting 8 female victims, the mainstream media revised their reports after an Australian court decided to try the man as a 17-year-old Afghan refugee when they discovered that he had no documents. ABC News reports that the asylum seeker was detained after spending 2 hours groping victims between the ages of 15 and 24 before he was confronted by a lifeguard at Surfers Paradise Beach on January 16, 2016.

After 3 of his victims reported him to authorities, 8 girls in total testified that the man had grabbed their breasts, bottoms, and genitals during the festivities. The migrant was found guilty of 9 counts of sexual assault and 3 counts of common assault. However, despite damning charges, Southport District Court Judge David Kent decided last week to instead try the asylum seeker as a child, dropped 2 original counts of rape, and freed him with just 2 years of probation after the migrant told him that he shouldn’t be punished for breaking the law because of his “cultural differences.”

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Although the refugee pleaded guilty to 9 counts of sexual assault and 3 counts of assault at Surfers Paradise Beach (pictured), Judge Kent dropped 2 rapes charges, scrubbed his record of the conviction, and freed him with 2 years of probation in front of 2 of his 15-year-old victims. (Photo source: ABC News)

Muslim Refugee Molests 8 Girls, Free When Lib Judge Hears His 2-Word Reason

The judge’s reasoning for giving the sexual offender such a light sentence is mind boggling:

Although ABC conveniently omitted Judge Kent’s inexcusable response, Yahoo News printed that the judge excused the molester’s crimes because he believes “seeing girls in bikinis is different to the environment in which he grew up.” Sickeningly, 2 of the migrant’s 15-year-old victims were present in court to watch in horror as Judge Kent freed their molester and excused his abusive behavior.

Part of the Islamic religion actually calls for the rape of non-Muslim women for the express purpose of converting them to Islam, by force, or in other words terrorism! If these sick-minded men from the Middle East wish to live among civilized human beings, then they need to live by our culture and learn our ways or be jailed and deported.

Western populations should not ever be expected to suffer such indignities in the name of tolerance. It’s not being tolerant to allow a scumbag to continue acting like one simply because it’s normal to him. Sooner or later he has to learn that sexual assault isn’t acceptable in civilized countries!

Source: Mad World News

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