Muslim Destroys Historic Western Landmarks, Judge Has 12 Words For Him

We live in an era in which the historical record must be changed in order for powerful political and militant interests to achieve their goals. This is nothing new, and the manipulation of the record of history can be typified by the well-worn statement that “it’s the victors who write the history.” Perhaps, but we would like to believe that the truth is out there, even if one has to work to unearth it.

Fundamentalist Muslims have several agendas they are working on simultaneously. In one case, they wish to be seen as a religion of peace, a notion that can be dispatched by any dispassionate review of the news. They also want the historical record changed on a number of topics. One example would be promulgation of the the absurd notion by Islamic clerics that there was never any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is reported that they are destroying Jewish artifacts that contradict the view of history they want believed.

A Muslim with Al-Qaeda connections has been convicted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague and will serve time in prison for destroying historical and cultural landmarks in Timbuktu, Mali. In addition, he has been sentenced to pay $3 million in reparations. The judge explained the reasoning for the penalty, revealing that the loss of these landmarks “renders humanity unable to transmit its values and knowledge to future generations.”

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“Islamist militant Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi is liable for more than $3 million dollars in reparations for ordering the destruction of ancient landmarks in Timbuktu, Mail, the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled Thursday.

“Mahdi is the first Islamist to ever be tried by the ICC for war crimes related to the destruction of cultural heritage. He was sentenced to serve nine years in prison last September after pleading guilty to destroying historic shrines at a world heritage site in Mali in 2012.

“The court, located in the Hague, said attacks on historic sites ‘destroy part of humanity’s shared memory and collective consciousness, and render humanity unable to transmit its values and knowledge to future generations.'”

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While our skepticism of international bodies remains strong, honesty compels us to state that in this instance the ICC has got it right. And that last quote is a masterpiece of truth.

There is so much right about that statement that it would be nice to send it to the radicals in America who wish to change our historical narrative by destroying monuments to anything or anyone connected to the Confederacy.

The historical record will show Democrats as slaveholders as well as leaders of the Confederacy, although it is not true that the two were always connected. But the truth does not matter to such radicals in America except to the extent that the truth must be expunged from the record if it reveals truths they do not like.

It is long past time that our history be examined and debated peacefully, and not corrupted by the destruction of historical monuments by those who wish to manufacture an interpretation of history divorced from the facts.

Source: Daily Caller

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