Muslim Couple Makes Disgusting Demands Of Liberal Judge…Landlord Is Completely Dumbfounded!

Muslims wage Islamic Jihad against other cultures in many ways. In western societies, it is easiest to do it by using the legal system to gain rights that the citizens of those western countries do not have.

Of course, Muslims are offended by everything westerners do because we are infidels, unbelievers who do not accept Islam nor want Sharia law in our countries. So Muslims use our legal system against us to financially attack those who reject Islam. Sadly, in their zeal to be tolerant towards a foreign culture, liberal judges are acting intolerantly of anyone who dares to disagree with a Muslim.

A liberal judge in Canada forced a landlord to pay his Muslim tenants $12,000 in damages for “disrespecting their religious beliefs” by wearing his shoes inside his own home.

From Mad World News:

In an outrageous turn of events, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ordered [John] Alabi to compensate Walid Madkour and his wife, Heba Ismail, $12,000 and take re-education classes for “offenses,” including denying their requests for more than the legally required 24-hour notice for inspections and failing to remove his shoes, in accordance with their religious beliefs, when showing the premises to potential renters.

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In addition, the court convicted Alabi of violating the couple’s human rights by failing to remove his shoes when entering the bedroom in which they allegedly prayed on the bare floor.

“There was absolutely no evidence that the applicants’ requests for additional notice and for the removal of shoes in this case were an attempt by them to impose their way of life on the respondent or anyone else,” ruled vice chair Jo-Anne Pickel. “(They) were merely making simple requests for the accommodation of their religious practices … their requests easily could have been met without any hardship to the respondent, let alone any undue hardship as that term is used in human rights law.”

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Incredibly, Judge Pickel admits in her own words that she convicted a man for refusing to fulfill “requests,” not legal obligations. The fact that these were requests guarantees the accused the right to deny them, otherwise, they aren’t requests but irrefutable demands protected by legal duty. In fact, Pickel insinuates that Muslims can make unlimited “requests” and that their non-Muslim counterparts must meet them as long as she deems that they aren’t a “hardship.”

Once again, we see how easily Muslims wage their legal jihad in western countries, and liberal judges are only too happy to accommodate them no matter how unreasonable their requests/demands are!

This is how Islam has spread itself all over the globe.  The point must be made that Islam does not coexist nor assimilate with other cultures. It does not accept nor tolerate free speech, and it does not allow any beliefs other than Islamic ones. Islam conquers and dominates all other cultures by terrorism, violence, and death.

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How do they do it? By changing western laws to their own.

Source: Mad World News

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