Guess Who Was Just Caught In A Multi-Million Dollar Bribery Scheme?!

Ever since Donald Trump commented during his campaign that he thought Vladimir Putin was someone with whom he could work, the left has been in an uproar and eager to sabotage relations. Somehow, seeking improved relations with a nation that might be seen as a potential adversary is unacceptable if it is Russia. However it was perfectly okay for Mr. Obama to seek upgraded relations with Cuba and Iran.

As a result of this, we have been forced to endure months of allegations of improper or even illegal contact between the Trump campaign and Russia. A special counsel was named to investigate this and he assembled his team of lawyers. Much ink has been spilled on newspaper pages over this. The left has remain fixated on this story, and no doubt Hillary blames Russia as one more reason for her humiliating defeat. So far, no evidence has been produced of wrongdoing by President Trump or his campaign team. And you can be sure that it’s not for Democrats’ lack of trying.

Ironically, it appears that it was not President Trump who, as a candidate, engaged in or approved illegal actions with Russia, but rather the Obama administration and Mrs. Clinton when she was secretary of state. So now the investigations need to be directed at them. Did Russian interests pay bribes to the Clinton Foundation for favors relating to supplies of uranium? How much of this was Mr. Obama aware of?

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“The FBI had evidence as early as 2009 that Russian operatives used bribes, kickbacks and other dirty tactics to expand Moscow’s atomic energy footprint in the U.S. – but the Obama administration approved a controversial uranium deal benefiting Moscow anyway, according to an explosive new report.”

If true, that would be at the same as Mrs. Clinton’s arrival as secretary of state. One can only imagine how she might choose to take advantage of the opportunity to do some “fundraising” for her foundation.

“Revisiting allegations from the 2016 campaign, the report in The Hill noted that Bill Clinton and his family foundation got millions from figures tied to the uranium company while Hillary Clinton led the State Department and served on a panel that helped seal the deal. But the report also says evidence indicates Russian nuclear officials ‘routed’ millions of dollars to the U.S. to benefit Bill Clinton’s foundation, while citing new allegations about a Russian plot that preceded that deal.”

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There is absolutely no surprise there at all. The Clintons have no loyalty to anyone other than themselves. They hold nothing sacred other than perhaps money and power. They truly are magnificent examples of everything you do not want your children to grow to be.

“According to The Hill, federal agents gathered evidence – including recordings and emails – as early as 2009 showing Moscow used bribes and kickbacks to compromise an American uranium trucking firm. But rather than bring swift charges, the Obama Justice Department reportedly investigated for years, without informing the public and Congress of the full scope of the alleged scheme – as the administration made two decisions benefiting Moscow.”

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What a perfect setup for Hillary to exploit as secretary of state.

“The details of the Uranium One deal first emerged in news reports in 2015. Since then, President Trump’s allies have cited the deal – and accusations that the Clintons benefited from figures tied to it — to counter allegations of Russia collusion during the 2016 campaign.”

Claims and counter-claims. Who is telling the truth? It should be fairly easy to find out. A thorough forensic accounting investigation of where the Clinton Foundation’s revenues originated during the relevant time period would do the trick.

Now all we need is to get that investigation started.

Source: Fox News

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