Mexico Makes New Jaw Dropping Amnesty Demands On America — Even Donald Is Speechless!

The prospect of being deported back to Mexico has brought many undocumented immigrants to the realization that their futures are not as secure as they once believed them to be.

The Obama administration made sure to support all illegals as best they could, even creating ‘sanctuary’ cities, which allow illegal immigrants to hide in a specific city and be protected from deportation.

Under Donald Trump’s administration policy of increasing the numbers of border patrol agents and cracking down on illegal border crossings, undocumented immigrants are now looking for legal remedies to try and protect their tenure in the United States, and Mexico is right there to help them.

Reuters reported:

[N]ow all 50 Mexican consulates in the United States have opened legal aid centers to “defend its citizens.” It went on to write that “Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray exhorted the U.S. government to respect the rights of Mexicans and called for the United States to allow a path to legality for undocumented migrants.”

In New York, during a Mexican consulate event, Videgaray was reportedly captured on video while speaking on the issue:

“We are not promoting illegality. Today we are facing a situation that can paradoxically represent an opportunity, when suddenly a government wants to apply the law more severely.

It is becoming more than evident that to apply the law, which is the obligation of any state, would also imply a real economic damage to this country which highlights the need for immigration reform, an immigration reform that resolves once and for all the legal status of the people.”

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And from the AP:

Miami’s Mexican consul general, Jose Antonio Zabalgoitia, has also addressed the need for “advocacy” for “the rights of Mexican migrants”:

“What changes today is that we are prioritizing legal matters over everything. Previously, we didn’t have the need to seek so much legal support for our people. But now, we need to protect them against an eventual deportation.”

According to the Washington Post:

Mexican officials have good reason to worry about mass deportations of its citizens back to Mexico:

…the loss of remittances from the United States — Mexico’s second-largest source of revenue at roughly $25 billion last year — could have devastating effects, particularly in rural areas.

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For the past decade, at least, American immigration authorities have been extremely lax in their enforcement of immigration laws. Now, illegal immigrants have almost come to regard living in America as a fundamental right since they have established residencies, raised their children, and afforded themselves of all the public assistance that the US federal government has to offer.

Now, Mexican officials are worried the deportations will mean Mexico will lose all those US dollars earned by their illegal border crossers, as well as the free US taxpayer funded assistance they send to their relatives back in Mexico.

One of the major reasons Americans put Trump into the White House is to stop the cash flow to illegals, because we’re tired of being the sugar daddy to the rest of the world!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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