Meet The 3 ‘Republicans’ Who Are Stabbing The Very Same Americans Who Supported Them In The Back

How about a little down memory lane? In 2008, we couldn’t talk about Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name. We weren’t allowed to question his birth certificate, nor were we allowed to talk about his education. In fact, we weren’t even allowed to mention the fact that it was sealed and not viewable. All of this came from Senator John McCain as he ran against Senator Obama.

Then, in 2012, we weren’t allowed to talk about Benghazi. We weren’t allowed to speak about the deficit and how Obama had exponentially raised it beyond all the worst predictions by Conservatives. We weren’t allowed to talk about ObamaCare. And these all came from Mitt Romney. Then, during our past election primary cycle, Trump was not allowed to talk about illegals and the crimes they commit. He also wasn’t allowed to talk about the NAFTA agreement. This came from Senator Rubio.

Now that we have the contrived Drama-Of-The-Hour in Charlottesville, where Leftists have hit gold in their ability to scream “Racist!” With about 68 KKK people roaming the streets with flags and saying REALLY stupid and ignorant things, we also had thousands of masked and armed thugs, bearing bats, brass knuckles, knives, mace and bags of urine and feces, who were “protecting society” from the racists. And who should tweet their support for these thugs? Senators Rubio and McCain, and millionaire business tycoon Mitt Romney!

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McCain and Romney used almost identical language, bending their knees to the media narrative that only two factions were present in Charlottesville during the awful events of last weekend: white supremacist Nazis and “Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry.”

Neither of these gentlemen can claim ignorance of Antifa; the reason both of them piped up is that President Donald Trump mentioned them in his Tuesday press conference. Left-wing politicians and media personalities responded by thundering “there is only one side” for all right-thinking Americans to be on, because there was only one squad of villains on the ground in Charlottesville.

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McCain and Romney obediently bent the knee to this narrative. At the very least, they’re agreeing Antifa should be invisible, accepting the incredibly stupid idea that calling out their violence somehow dilutes criticism of the Tiki Torch Terror. Mentioning Antifa is damned under the left’s new doctrine of “Whataboutism,” which originally held that history began with the inauguration of President Trump and all prior Democrat sins were absolved, but has mutated into an unlimited free pass for the #Resistance to do whatever it takes to bring down the Trump administration without a peep of protest from tame Republicans.

Senator Marco Rubio went much, much further. He launched a brief tweetstorm that completely absolved Antifa of all responsibility for its actions in Charlottesville, blaming all violence “one hundred percent” on those who organized the events leading to the “Charlottesville terrorist attack” (the vehicular homicide perpetrated by James Alex Fields Jr.)

Most astoundingly, Rubio embraced the Crybully Creed, the left-wing fascist idea that hate speech justifies a violent response. Your speech is violence; their violence is speech. Yes, Rubio used exactly those words in his third tweet.

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The time truly has come to the edge of whether or not we can make a sane decision about being a nation of cowards and know-nothings, or a nation that stands up, points to the truth, and remains standing beneath it.

These three may have in common that they all are shills for the Leftists and adore any chance to waltz with the Fake News Industrial Complex, but they also have one other trait in common, but that which makes them eminently disqualified from making any judgments of this magnitude: They are all failed candidates for the presidency.

Source: Breitbart

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