‘Traitor’ John McCain Throws PUNCHES At The President…But Trump BLOCKS Him With THIS!

Senator John McCain and President Trump are destined to have a strained relationship. The Republican senator from Arizona likes to feign the image of something of a maverick, and one who is not afraid to take a more liberal approach on some issues than much of the Republican base. As such, he along with his colleague Lindsey Graham, have often been referred to as RINOs – Republicans in Name Only.

So conflict between Trump and McCain is pretty much baked into the cake. When it comes down to certain issues, such as the confirmation of nominees, McCain will most likely follow the president’s lead. On other issues, expect some sparks to fly from time to time. McCain considers himself an authority on foreign and military affairs, and that’s exactly where we see the most recent dust up between the two manifesting itself.

Senator McCain has taken to the media to express his criticism of the recent action in Yemen which resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL. “The White House has insisted the operation was a success, with spokesman Sean Spicer saying anyone critical of it was doing a disservice to the fallen SEAL. Hours later, McCain told NBC News that it’s fair to criticize a mission for failing and still hold respect for those who serve, noting his feelings about a failed mission to save him from a prisoner of war camp in Vietnam.”

President Trump upped the ante through Twitter:

There are a number of areas where Mr. McCain can create problems from the president. This is because “[t]he 2008 GOP presidential candidate is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and will play a huge role in Defense policy over the next two years.” Specifically, McCain has “warned Trump not to lift sanctions against Russia, which have been imposed over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea; its backing of separatists elsewhere in eastern Ukraine and its meddling in the U.S. election.”

McCain represents a problem impacting President Trump’s desire to improve relations with Russia. “McCain said he ‘strongly disagrees’ with the president on Putin. ‘What we need to do is understand Vladimir Putin for what he is — a murderer and a thug,’ McCain told reporters.”

None of this comes as much of surprise. McCain was a problem for President George W. Bush as well. Perhaps some of his animosity and rebellion comes out of bitterness that he never succeeded in becoming president. Whatever the cause, President Trump will need to deal with a fellow Republican who will be less than the most loyal of supporters. No doubt he is prepared for just that.

Source: The Hill

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