Traitor John McCain Just Caught In The Act! White House, President Trump Expose Him As…

The question must be asked as to what cause Senator McCain serves in Washington. He clearly does not promote conservative causes.

He does not support the president from his own party. He obstructs other Republicans. As a result, his loyalty is rightly called into question.

The word “traitor” is a difficult one to apply to an alleged war hero. But if it turns out that Mr. McCain actively promoted the dissemination of the now discredited “Trump dossier,” then it is is a description that, tragically, fits. It is not a stretch to then suspect that McCain was secretly supporting Hillary’s campaign.

Mr. McCain has refused to clarify his connection to the Trump dossier. This is unsatisfactory and only supports suspicions that he is a traitor to his own party and president. He must be called to account.

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“Senator John McCain is running scared. In the last 24 hours, he has been identified by British intelligence agents in a sick plot that started right after Donald Trump won the presidency. Shocking allegations place McCain overseas in clandestine meetings as Hillary Clinton’s ‘secret agent.’ Now, President Trump is right on his heels as the Arizona senator tries to hide from the explosive evidence that has just come to light.”

Here’s the damning connection that should end McCain’s political career now. It relates to Sir Andrew Wood who served at the British ambassador to Russia.

“Wood’s time in Moscow was spent overseeing the British intelligence officers or British spies. As the head ‘spymaster,’ Wood was approached by John McCain in November 2016, right after Trump won the presidential election.

“‘McCain first consulted him [Wood] about the claims inside the [Russian] dossier at a security conference in Canada shortly after last November’s presidential election. Wood stated that McCain had obtained the documents from the senator’s own sources. “I told him I was aware of what was in the report but I had not read it myself, that it might be true, it might be untrue. I had no means of judging really,” Wood further told BBC Radio 4 in January,’ reports Breitbart.”

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If McCain had this document “shortly after last November’s presidential election,” then it was clearly something he was working on prior to the election. That being the case, he was acting to oppose the Republican candidate for president both before and after Mr. Trump’s successful election. Describe that act in whatever terms you wish.

“‘According to the BBC, the dossier served as a “roadmap” for the FBI’s investigation into claims of coordination between Moscow and members of Trump’s presidential campaign during the Obama administration,’ reports Breitbart.”

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There are several things Mr. McCain could do to atone for his disloyalty. One would be to resign his Senate seat, something you can guarantee will not happen. He loves the power way too much. Plus, he is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, another source of power.

The other thing he could do is switch parties, which might represent a rare act of honesty on the part of the senator. And this could be a big winner for the Republicans. They would be rid of his treachery. And, if he continued with his current leadership style, he could foul up the Democratic Party from the inside, and work against its leadership for a change. Since that would mean losing his position as head of the Armed Services Committee, don’t expect it.

So the Republicans are stuck with this menace, at least for now. Leadership should immediately remove him from his coveted committee chairmanship. Arizona should recall him and replace him with someone who will serve with distinction and integrity for a change, someone in the mold of former senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater.

McCain loves to revel in projecting the image of a “maverick.” Instead, he is just a disloyal, pompous jackass. He should be recalled at once.

Source: Mad World News

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