‘TRAITOR’ EXPOSED: John McCain Drops Titanic Bombshell On Live TV…Proves How Much He Hates Trump!

If the mainstream press wants to find someone to interview who is eager to criticize President Trump, they need look no further than Senator John McCain of Arizona. Although he claims to be a Republican, like his colleague Lindsey Graham they have received the RINO moniker – Republican in Name Only. This is due to their frequent flirtation with liberals and liberal ideologies.

Perhaps Mr. McCain is still stung by his unsuccessful run for the presidency in 2008. Perhaps he is just jealous of President Trump’s success. Or perhaps he just really doesn’t like what traditional Republicans stand for. If that’s true, he is misplaced as a leader within the Republican Party. Whatever the case, it is unlikely that true conservatives will be sorry to see him leave office, even though it looks like that will have to wait six more years.

President Trump has been in a battle with the mainstream media since his campaign began. It also seems like it is a battle he enjoys, and much of his base thoroughly enjoys his saying what they’ve been thinking for years. Senator McCain, on the other hand, is not so supportive. Hence we see, “Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet The Press,’ while discussing President Donald Trump’s attacks on the press, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that was ‘how dictators get started.'”

You can watch the full interview here:

It should be pointed out to the senator that dictators also get started by making bellicose and warmongering statements regarding other nations and their leaders in order to stir up the population. If McCain wishes to see someone doing this, all he needs is a mirror.

Continuing with his remarks in this NBC interview, “[h]e added, ‘They get started by suppressing free press. In other words, a consolidation of power when you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press. And I’m not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator. I’m just saying we need to learn the lessons of history.'”

If he is not attempting to draw a comparison between President Trump and dictators, what is he saying? In any event, when has the president attempted to “shut down the press?” President Trump has been very aggressive in his criticism of the press, expressing his belief that they are strongly biased against Republicans and hence his administration. But this is only to state the obvious. In any event, calling out elements of the press for biased reporting is a far cry from lopping off part of the First Amendment.

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While not in outright rebellion against President Trump – at least not yet – Mr. McCain will be a problem with whom the Trump administration will have to contend. This is unfortunate in that the Republicans hold a very narrow majority in the Senate, and senators whose loyalty is in question are of no help. That Mr. McCain cannot be trusted to even watch his mouth while being interviewed was just made plain.

If someone does represent a danger, it is Mr. McCain with his warmongering. If he were to succeed in instigating additional armed conflicts, the results will be far worse than what we’ll experience by some aggressively hurled Trump-style insults at some pompous newscasters. Fortunately, Mr. McCain is not the president.

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Source: Breitbart

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