Hear What Maxine Waters Has To Say About Sharia Law — She Derangedly Tells Muslims…WHOA! [WATCH]

Liberal politicians are notorious for saying and doing whatever it takes to ingratiate themselves to one segment of society or another in order to get their votes. The problem with that is, many times liberals find themselves ignorantly supporting issues that will almost guarantee their political suicide and end their careers.

Every time we have heard Rep. Maxine Waters speak, recently, she has been shamelessly touting ideals and principles that are completely antithetical to what America has stood for. Usually, she’s calling for President Trump’s impeachment, despite having no grounds to do it.  She almost seems bent on mouthing her political career right into the toilet.

This time, she stood before an Orange County, California Islamic society, speaking in favor of the most oppressive system of in-justice on the planet, namely, Islamic Sharia law which calls for beheading of infidels (unbelievers), female genital mutilations, the stoning of women accused of adultery (no proof necessary, just the accusation is enough) and countless other barbaric customs that civilized societies abandoned millennia ago!

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Via American Lookout:

Not so long ago Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters stood in front of an Islamic Society in Orange County, California.

In her speech, she condemned House Republicans for trying to outlaw Sharia Law.

She stood and portrayed herself as a defender of Sharia Law.

Watch the video of Ms. Waters statements. The  referenced  comments begin at the 4:10 mark:

Notice that Rep. Waters makes the inaccurate claim that Republicans have been attacking the Muslim faith. She completely misses the point that it is radical Islam that has caused concern. This is the false narrative that Democrats have seized upon to demonize the GOP.

Rep. Waters has a reputation for being one of the least educated and most radically leftist Democrat politicians in the country, yet her message continues to find support among those who would seek to complete Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America into a leftist controlled dictatorship. Radical Islam has a good chance of achieving that goal!

Source: American Lookout

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