Massive: Senate GOP Just Did Something Awesome — Sends Obama, Schumer Into A Full Meltdown

It is almost like we are watching a race. What will happen first? Will Obamacare collapse on its own due to the profoundly flawed nature of the program? Or will the Republicans finally do the job they were sent to Washington to accomplish and end the fiasco themselves?

While we wait for Obamacare to disappear from our nation, we are treated to reports of the many failings of the health care program. If Congress simply does nothing, it will fall apart. Yet that’s no way to end a disastrous program. The right thing to do is legislate it into oblivion and put something workable in its place.

It looks like the latter is about to happen, at least in part. Senate GOP leaders have concluded to place in their tax bill language that would repeal the hated individual mandate contained within Obamacare. If they stick to this and don’t waiver, this will be a terrific win for Americans.

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“Immediately after returning to the Senate on Monday, Rand [Paul] called for a repeal of the individual mandate (the law that requires individuals to purchase insurance) in the Republicans’ tax reform package.”

Much like his father before him, Senator Paul is relentless in his pursuit of limited government and individual rights. Obamacare runs roughshod over both of those pursuits. Hence, it needs to be retired to some sort of museum for failed socialist programs, there to be ridiculed by future generations.

“Paul continued, ‘My amendment will fix a problem in the Senate bill where many taxpayers would see a tax increase because of the loss of state and local deductions. I will introduce a similar deduction as the House plan, making the tax reform plan more fair for everyone. This will help ensure House acceptance of the Senate plan as leaders there have stated they will not accept a plan with no state and local deductibility. Repeal the mandate fix problems with Senate bill through more tax cuts for all and help ensure House and Senate plans agree.'”

Not only is this great legislation in itself, it also advances the demise of the whole Obamacare mess.

“The individual mandate repeal would free up $318 billion in funds over the next decade.

“If Obamacare is a structure – then the individual mandate is its foundation, and without it, expect an even quicker implosion. Democrats proved as much during past Obamacare repeal attempts, when they fearmongered over the 20 or so million who would be expected to lose health insurance as a result. What they never seemed to mention in the fine print is that 73% of those who “lost” coverage simply decided to voluntarily stop purchasing it in absence of the individual mandate.”

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Senator Rand Paul is once again at the front of the fight for freedom. He understands what those on the left do not. Freedom is not something to be extended to citizens based on the government’s opinion of whether Americans can handle it or not. It is an American’s birthright, and it is the government’s responsibility to protect that right, not to abridge it.

Source: Political Insider

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