Massive Scandal Explodes On Top Democrat — He’s Caught In A Criminal Investigation

Since the early days of the silver screen in the 1930s, when Hollywood was producing masterpieces in film, there were stories…whispers of those things known as the casting couches where young starlets were often promised “big things” in their futures as long as they decided to play along with the producers and directors. Even the greats such as George Burns admitted that these were realities in that industry.

As the decades rolled by and the cinema changed and became more geared to the new audiences and newer, different ways to look at the world, the movie industry ensured that many more inexpensive films were produced so that people who couldn’t afford the big expensive theaters were still able to visit with their families. However, what hadn’t changed, and in fact had apparently increased, was the penchant of directors and producers to wave that magic “bigger things” excuse in order to force young women to compromise themselves for the sake of their big break in the business.

As the Left had embraced this industry and its extremely low and terribly misogynistic values, the problem was just overlooked as many young women were merely whistling past the graveyard hoping that the problem would just fix itself. Some braver members of the industry finally came forward and told the truth and now the floodgates have been opened. The LAPD has opened a criminal investigation into Harvey Weinstein!

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Daily Wire:

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that they have begun an investigation into a sexual assault allegation against mega-producer Harvey Weinstein. The allegation, brought by an Italian model and actress, is the sixth such accusation against the producer, along with dozens of sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled publicly over the last few weeks.

As the Los Angeles Times notes, the case is the first reported in Southern California against Weinstein. Unlike many of the allegations against him, the actress’ sexual assault allegation falls within the ten-year statute of limitations window. The New York Police Department and London’s Metropolitan Police opened investigations into similar accusations against the producer a few days earlier.

The 38-year-old model-actress, who has asked not to be publicly named, contacted Los Angeles authorities on Tuesday. According to her attorney, David Ring, two detectives met with her to take her statement for over two hours on Thursday morning. The actress also spoke with the LA Times, which offers several details about her alleged encounter with Weinstein.

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She told the Times that the sexual assault took place at the Mr. C Beverly Hills hotel in February 2013, after the eighth annual Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest, which she attended. After speaking to Weinstein briefly at the film festival, she said he later showed up unexpectedly in the lobby of her hotel. Though she says she told him she would meet him in the lobby, he suddenly appeared at her hotel room door. The LA Times reports:

He grabbed me by the hair and forced me to do something I did not want to do,” she said. “He then dragged me to the bathroom and forcibly raped me.”

When he left, she said he told her she was very beautiful, and that she could work in Hollywood.

The LA Times reports that Weinstein’s representative told the paper she “can’t respond to some anonymous complaint,” and reiterated that Weinstein has “unequivocally denied” all allegations that he engaged in non-consensual sex.

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This is a precedent situation here where people who used to put the secrecy of the Hollywood scandals above the security of a young woman have decided that with all the talk of Donald Trump being a depraved person that appalled and disgusted these Hollywood types, they could no longer stay quiet.

For literally close to 100 years, misogyny has been a huge part of the Hollywood movie industry and only now are people on the Left beginning to actually see their own hypocrisy. It is about time.

Source: Daily Wire

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