Muslim Lawmaker’s Sick Secret Exposed — She’s Married To…

It doesn’t take much observation to realize that the halls of political power are also home to some very corrupt people and practices. We should not allow that to blind us to those who truly are public servants. Yet the profound level of malfeasance and duplicity that lives within those government halls can be shocking.

Ilhan Omar is a Congresswoman from Minnesota who has been moving up in prominence within the Democratic party. Given her accomplishments, the last thing she and her party needed was a scandal. And they’ve got one.

Circumstances point to the possibility that she is married to more than one man, one of whom might be her brother whom she might have married for citizenship purposes. Not surprisingly, suspicion runs wild over the truth of these allegations. She claims to be “Trump’s nightmare.” It might turn out she will become her own and the Democrats’ “nightmare.”

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“Pamela Gellar, the well-known expert on Islam and Muslim terrorists, reported, ‘Omar is a 35-year-old mother of three and is America’s first elected Somali representative. She was married in an Islamic ceremony in 2002 at the age of 19, but never officially filed a certification in any government office. In 2009 she married a man whom people have accused of being her brother for citizenship purposes (and is still legally married to), and finally reunited with her first ‘husband’ in 2011, who she is still with today.'”

If true, not only is Omar in violation of the law, but also is engaged in some very sick practices. It would seem that the concept of “marriage” has no meaning to her at all if these allegations prove accurate.

Here’s what we can learn from the leftist Minnesota Star-Tribune:

“Hennepin County records show Omar applied for a marriage license in 2002 but never used it. It was not immediately known whom she planned to marry. Seven years later, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Eden Prairie, according to their marriage record. Elmi could not be reached for comment. Minnesota courts have no records of Omar and Elmi filing for divorce.

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“Her campaign flatly denied that Elmi is her brother. It would only say that she and Ahmed Hirsi, who is pictured in campaign literature and is the father of their three children, are together and raising a family. The Star Tribune could not find records in Minnesota showing that the two ever married.”

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The allegations take on more credibility with this information:

“Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann weighed in, saying, ‘Fraud, deceit, lies, corruption, cover-up, bigamy, immigration law violations, law breaking – all appear to be associated with the first Somali American winner of a Democratic primary in Minnesota. The newly discovered documents and witness testimony cry out for an investigation,’ according to WND.”

It looks like Omar has a distorted view of what marriage is all about and a lax attitude toward the laws of our country. And it is essential that an investigation be conducted to either clear her of these allegations or to have her charged with any number of crimes including bigamy and immigration fraud.

And the Democrats associated with her should start running for cover.

Source: Mad World News

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