Man Breaks Into Auto-Shop And Starts Shooting, He Didn’t Realize His Grave Mistake Until It Was Too Late

In Florida, a gunman with no clear motive at this time (other than he may or may not suffer from unconfirmed PTSD) entered the parking lot of Schlenker Automotive with a massive amount of ammunition on his person and began shooting.

He wounded one employee (who was subsequently paralyzed) and fatally shot another who came out of the building to help.

However, the shop owner and another employee who were licensed conceal carry gun owners came to the defense of the wounded co-worker, shooting the suspect multiple times and sending him to the hospital in critical condition.

Conservative Tribune:

Employees at a Florida auto repair shop recently showcased the importance of the Second Amendment when they defended themselves against an active shooter.

Robert Lorenzo Bailey Jr., 28, allegedly went onto Schlenker Automotive’s property in Rockledge on Nov. 24 with a .45-caliber handgun and began firing, according to Florida Today.

The gunman had killed one employee, paralyzed a second, and likely would have wounded or killed many more if not for the quick-thinking employees who decided to fight back with fire power of their own.

Rockledge police chief Joseph La Sata said the shop’s manager, a concealed weapons permit holder, exchanged gunfire with Bailey in the parking lot.

After the gunman started chasing the manager back inside the building, another Schlenker Automotive employee — also a concealed weapons permit holder — reportedly engaged in gunfire with the suspect.

The suspect was subdued after being shot twice and was taken to Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center where his condition was listed as “critical,” according to Palm Bay Daily.

Longtime Schlenker employee Roger Lee Smith, 50, was fatally wounded by Bailey in the parking lot of the shop. Smith had stepped outside to investigate after he heard the gunshots that paralyzed his co-worker, 25-year-old David Andres Cordero.

The quick thinking of both the owner and his employee probably saved many more lives because of their available and ready firearms. The suspect, loaded down with a ton of ammo, could very well have killed many innocent people.

Now that the Conceal Carry Reciprocity bill has cleared the House Judiciary Committee in Congress, making way for it to enter the House floor for a full vote, this may be one of the most important votes in the first year of the Trump presidency. The bill will enable the legal, law-abiding gun owners in the United States to travel from one state to the next without a penalty or worry that they may not completely comply with the next state’s conceal carry laws.

In so many cases around the country, year in and year out, there is a healthy support, statistically, for these laws to be fully implemented in their NRA-approved form, and it is a proven fact that more crimes are avoided than are undertaken by the presence of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens who are trained in their use.

If there is a lesson in this situation, it is that Americans who have been properly trained and legally licensed are much more likely to handle themselves professionally and carefully than those who are common criminals. No one should question the bravery and key training of these two men.

What do you think?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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